Gain Profit And Satisfy Female Needs Marketing Essay

Traveling to the following phase which includes change overing our merchandise the “ mini makyaji set ” to a physical object. The mini makyaji set is fundamentally mini set of our merchandise consist of a foundation, blusher, mascara, oculus pencil, and a lip rouge. Furthermore, in this research we went through five phases which are cleavage, aiming, placement, placing rivals and eventually pricing. Since our merchandise is a make-up set, we decided that we should take females as our section, and aim the 1s between the age of 17 and 35 old ages old. As for the rivals, we choose M.A.C and Makeup everlastingly. The promotional program that we will follow to publicize our merchandise which is through broadcast advertisement, promotional activities, and media in order to carry through our selling aims. Our chief end that the promotional program will be based on is making a well positioned topographic point in the market with a good recognized message by the mark audience.

To fulfill clients ‘ demands sellers we should utilize the selling mix that consists of 4 variables: merchandise, monetary value, topographic point, and publicity.There must be mixture between variables to add a successful selling mix in the selling field. In footings of advancing our merchandise “ Mini Makyaji set ” , the selected advertisement message which is more relevant to our merchandise. Certain stairss to advance our merchandise. First, we should do certain our client acquire our message by publicizing the merchandise to different topographic points. Second, program a scheme for illustration at the beginning we should bring forth little sum of the merchandise so increase it bit by bit. Third, we will diminish subsequently the monetary value of the “ Mini Makyaji set ” to catch more clients. Fourthly, we will supply vouchers like if the client bought two sets we will offer them with one free set. The chief characteristics of our merchandise are indispensable for every adult females and it is used on a day-to-day footing. The merchandise contains non chemical substance that will non deflect the adult females skin. ( “ Promotional program, ” 2006 )

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Our chief end is to derive net income and fulfill client demands specifically female. We have to make a promotional program that will explicate how we are traveling to advance mini makyaji set. Yet, we have to see the promotional tools which consist, gross revenues publicity, public dealingss, and sponsorship. In footings of advertisement, it is the publicity of thoughts that can be created through media. In footings of gross revenues publicity, our purpose is to promote our clients to purchase the merchandise particular pricing and competitions. In footings of public dealingss to protect the merchandises image. In add-on, effectual advertisement, publicities, effectual public dealingss, frequently depends on planing and implementing a well-designed public dealingss program ( Macnamara, 2009 ) .

The first measure in the promotional program is advertise our merchandise by publishing advertizement such as that in plans for events, trade diaries, magazines, newspapers so that our merchandise will be promotes decently and known by the clients. The 2nd measure is promotional activities for illustration we can utilize sponsorship for particular events. Promotions are great manner to demo instance a concern and assist little concerns and there are certain positive advantages of the publicities such as addition gross revenues, addition trade name consciousness, and increase trade name trueness ( Birchell, 2009 ) . The 3rd measure the media we are traveling to utilize which are magazines and telecastings.

Finally, we are traveling to advance “ Mini makyaji ” in the UAE, we will utilize a well-known famous person “ Mona Amarsha ” and celebrated make-up creative person “ jwail ” for advancing our merchandise. Using a famous person in our merchandise will pull more clients and grabs their attending and this scheme is called famous person indorsement.

Summary of the promotional program:

Name of the trade name:

Mini Makyaji set

Target females: ages “ Between ” 17 to 35


Gain net income & A ; satisfy female demands


Through magazine and telecastings

Promotional method:

Clearly publicity is an of import method in advertisement for a new merchandise ; it can present the merchandise easy to the costumier. Another utile method is utilizing the cyberspace which is a utile manner in advancing our merchandise. Peoples from all over the universe who surf the cyberspace like to detect new things for free and this will enable us to present our merchandise easy through the cyberspace. Since our merchandise is a new merchandise, the budget that was set for advertisement was n’t immense to cover all sort of attending in the market sector. By taking Internet we could advance for our merchandise in a cheaper and easier manner. And can happen by posting advertizements in different web site related to adult females and specially make-ups so we can catch their attending to our merchandise and convert them in sing our store. Many web sites may assist us in publicizing our merchandise such as YouTube where we can easy upload a picture about our new merchandise for free. The picture will be available for everyone who surf the cyberspace and it will be labeled with our merchandise name “ Mikyaji ” to do it easier to happen it in the web site.

And now by comparing between the publicity methods we have talked about antecedently, we found some advantages and disadvantages that helped us in taking the best manner to advance our new merchandise. For illustration, the wireless is non so utile since it is makeup and it must be seen so people can acquire the thought and give it a attempt. And clearly the Internet is the best manner to advance our merchandise since we can demo it through pictures and images which can be easy displayed in any website such as YouTube. Since it is a new merchandise we should be cognizant of the advertisement and promoting costs so non to pass a immense sum for advertizement and to do certain that we would acquire a net income from this method.


Our merchandise “ Mikyaji ” is more like a vision coming true to our program and this program went through five selling stages and these stages are cleavage, placing rivals, aiming, placement, and pricing. And each stage gave us an image how the merchandise will be image in the market and to what extent it is successful. First, segmentation our section will be females merely since our merchandise is makeup. Second, placing the rivals, our two chief rivals to our merchandise in the market are Mac and Make up everlastingly. Third, aiming our mark will be females with age that ranges from 17 to 35. Fourthly, placement and for positioning we have got several schemes which we used in order to place the best place for our merchandise in the market. Finally, pricing based on the stages that our merchandise went through we tried to make the best monetary value that in a manner makes our merchandise affordable. Our program is non done yet. That is because we have to make a promotional program that fits the old selling stages which will take to a better launch for our merchandise. This program is will be discussed in the farther subdivision.



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