Gap Analysis Global Communications

December 7, 2016 Marketing


Gap Analysis: Global Communications
Maury Cesair
University of Phoenix

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications
Global Communication (GC) is Telecommunication Company who faces a huge amount of economic pressure due to the high amount of competition. It??™s stocks fell over 50% over the past few years and it is desperately is trying to find ways for it better it services to compete against the competition. Its leaders came up with a plan, which consist of introducing new services that will now serve in local and long-distance markets around the nation. GC established alliances with a satellite provider to offer video services and satellite version of broadband. GC saw by establishing a partnership with a satellite provider, its customer with anytime access to the internet using a wireless telephone or PC card, which keeps them competing with the latest trend in the industry. To make this plan effective the leaders came up with some ???cost-cutting measurements??? to enhance the company??™s profit margin by relieving some of their service centers and outsourcing them into Ireland and India. In order for them to launch this plan they have to overcome the issues they face within their company.
Situation Analysis
Issue and Opportunity Identification
Global Communication (GC) is facing grave amount of competition resulting into low profits. The leaders of GC came up with a plan that involves downsizing, outsourcing and wage garnishing. This will give GC the opportunity to globalize its company, compete with its competition on an international level, reduce its operational costs, and enhance its profits. On the other hand some of the leaders are concerned about its workers and the Union views this plan as unethical. According to Sy Rodriguez, EVP-Consumer Marketing and Sales and a member of the GC Senior Leadership Team says, ???Downsizing our domestic call centers has major implications. Although some of our current call center reps can be relocated to our expanding consumer call centers, many will be let go. Those who are relocated will be expected to take an average 10 percent salary cut, since consumer centers operate on a leaner budget than the small business centers. I don??™t expect the workers to take this announcement lying down.???(Scenario: Global Communication) From what Sy Rodriguez said you can see that this plan might leave a soar taste in many workers, so to counter this issue the leaders decided to give a 15% retention bonus to it workers that received the pay cut and to raise the salaries as the business grows. (Scenario: Global Communication) This gives the workers the sense that GC is not doing this intentionally to them and that they are thinking about them, and overall continue to work for them.
Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas
According to the Senior Leadership team this plan is their only chance to grow the business and to stay in the competition of telecommunication industry. To counter the negative aspect of their plan they decided to give a retention bonus for the first few years and to open up jobs when the business becomes successful. On the other hand Maria, Vice President in the Technologies Workers Union, feels that the senior leadership??™s plan isn??™t the best plan for its taking away jobs from its workers and giving them to foreign workers in other countries. For as being the vice president of the worker??™s union her interests are toward the workers. She feels that the plan is unethical for that the plan evolve relieving its workers, giving pay cuts to the workers that are going to stay and hire other workers from other countries for less. On top of that the workers of CG already took over 20% cut of educational and health benefits. So now the senior leadership and the union have to come up with a middle ground or an agreement.

End-State Vision
Global Communications will undergo with the plan leading the company to success in the next three years, resulting in a 200% increase in profits, leading to job opening for current workers, while also taking some hits from the media about the disagree with the worker??™s union.
Gap Analysis
Global Communications came up with a plan that can bring them back into the competition within the telecommunications industry and to show profitable results in the three years. But it can??™t be successful without them downsizing, giving pay cuts, and outsource. This is viewed by the worker??™s union as unethical to perform such matters. But what the union fails to realize is that if this plan doesn??™t happen than workers will be out of a job anyway for the company will be out of business for not being able to stay in the competition. The GC Senior Leadership Team have to talk to it workers and explain to them what is going with the company and what they tend to do to keep it the operation going and provide a work consular to soften the blow of them losing their jobs. These will give GC the image of being there for their workers and unethical. By the next three years and successful, GC should focus on re-opening jobs and giving raises.
Global Communications faced a grave amount of competition within the telecommunication industry, leading to a down fall of profits by over 50% and services that other companies and consumers can get from its competition. The GC senior leadership team came up with the plan to keep them afloat, which result a lot of their workers being laid off and to receive pay cuts. This is something that they have to do to remain profitable and stay in telecommunication industry. These plans of changes cause their union to argue the case that the plan is unethical and should not be put into action. But it has and now the GC and the union is at a dispute.
Scenario: Global Communications, Retrieved May 3, 2008, from University of Phoenix Online, rEsource website:
Table 1
Issue and Opportunity Identification
|Issue |Opportunity |Reference to Specific |Concept |
| | |Course Concept | |
| | |(Include citation) | |
|Global Communications (GC) are struggling in competing in |GC can stay afloat and |???moving some of our technical |Outsourcing |
|the telecommunication industry. GC needs to compete in |compete with its |call centers to India and | |
|local markets and raise their globalization status and |leading competition, |Ireland (remember, our | |
|profitable measurements. |take its business into |business case showed that in | |
| |international status, |setting up the new centers, we| |
| |and to keep its |have the opportunity to reduce| |
| |business in a |unit costs for handling calls | |
| |profitable margin. |by nearly 40%??? | |
|In order for GC to stay in the competition against its |Keeps GC in a | |Downsizing |
|competitors it needs to stay profitable. |profitable margin | | |
|The workers that aren??™t relieved will have to take a 10% | |By providing a Retention plan |Retention Plan |
|pay cut, which is seen as inconvenient and horrible in the| |??? It will help offset their | |
|workers??™ eye. With this the workers might not stay. | |salary cut for the first year | |
| | |or so??? | |
| | | | |

Table 2
Stakeholder Perspectives
|Stakeholder Perspectives |
| | |
|Stakeholder Groups |The Interests, Rights, and |
| |Values of Each Group |
|Senior Leader Team |To have GC as a global resource and competing on an international level |
| |against its leading competitors. To aggressively bring it profitable |
| |standards up as it was in its previous years. |
|Union |To fight for workers well-being. |
| |See the Senior Leader Team??™s plan as unethical. |

Table 3
End State Goals
|End-State Goals |
|Bring profits up by 200% in the next three years |
|Set up retention bonus program for workers for the first year of transformation |
|Open job up for current workers when company become successful |
|Look as being Ethical in the media??™s eye |
|Provide best communication services in the industry |


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