Gary Soto and the Concert

January 6, 2017 Music

Gary Soto and the Concert .

In “The Concert,” a narrative by Gary Soto, diction and details are used to .

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portray the two tones of carefree observance and respectful enlightenment. These .

two tones create the author’s purpose for the story. The reader can infer that the .

poor are just as good and can appreciate the same things as the rich. .


The first tone is shown in the first paragraph. The author shows this tone .

through diction. The fact that Gary Soto and his wife “walked from one end of .

town to the other in search of out-of-the-way shops” gives the reader the idea that .

the couple was not in a hurry and was just observing the town in a blithe .

manner. Many other people probably do the same thing on their vacations. The .

first tone is demonstrated in the next paragraph through diction once again. Gary .

Soto and his wife were “laughing that [they] were going to end up on the roof .

with the pigeons.” This also demonstrates how carefree the couple is. If Gary .

and his wife weren’t in a happy mood, they would be upset about their seats. .

These two examples give the reader reason to believe that the tone is carefree .

observance. .

The second tone is realized in the fifth paragraph. This paragraph is filled .

with imagery and details that convey the tone of respectful enlightenment. The .

author became enlightened when he looked at the poor people’s faces that “held .

an instinctive awareness of the music.” “[He] had never known the poor to .

appreciate such music.” This situation is like when someone is in school or the .

work force for a long time doing the same task and he or she has no idea how to .

do the task. Then, somehow a lightbulb pops on in their head and they .

understand how to do the task. Another example of the author’s enlightenment .

comes at the end of the paragraph. “The poor sat on the fifth tier on painted .

boxes, bodies leaning in the direction of the music that couldn’t arrive fast enough .


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