Gary Soto – Seventh Grade

October 10, 2017 General Studies

“Seventh Grade” by Gary Soto In 7th grade Literature, we read the short story “Seventh Grade” about Victor who tries to be someone he is not just to impress a girl. What kinds of things do students in seventh grade at MMS do to impress other people (and not just someone of the opposite sex)? Tell me three things that you or other peers do to try to impress others and explain each one. * The things that student would do to impress someone at MMs. they would dress nice, get there hair or nails done, or by some fancy thing they would love like perfume and coloune * They would make sure they are looking there best to impress them.

They wouldalso try to say something very clever to impress them. They cant smell badwhen there talking so they have to make sure that they brushed there teeth and put deoderent on. * sometimes you try to impress people by tring to be popular. sometimes you try to be with the cool kids to just impress one. wearing cool cloths and having leather jackets and walking with swagger. you try to be a bully to impress the one to be the friend cause you might know that he/she likes bullies. he/she might like them but sometimes he/she could be picky about it if you pick on one of there friends. ight try to be able to talk to that person to get there attetion. you might try to get there attetion by tring to be best friend with that persons friend. also to try to sit the closest to that person. * People all the time at my school. There are many ways to impress guys or girls it doesn’t matter. One way is to pretend like you know something that you don’t just like Victor did in “Seventh Grade”. Another way to impress someone be the best that you can at something s it looks like your the best in the shcool at the thing you did.

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The last way to impress someone is wear some neat clothes and pretend like it is nothing and you wear clotheslike this all the time. That is how I or most the people in seventh grade would try to impress someone. * One thing seventh graders do to impress somebody is act like a celebrity and act cool. By wearing diffrent clothes and having a diffrent hair style. Also by wearing things that celebrities wear like a Micheal Jackson jacket. Another way seventh graders impress somebody is by wearing deoderant or colongine. They try to wear fancy stuff and look all cool.

Another way that seventh graders impress somebody is by trying to do something that they cant do. Like trying to speak a diffrent language or a sport. * *Some people try to show off. Like when people try to do there best t impress someone. They also try to act like their cool infront of that person. People also try to show how much money they have so the boy/girl will think they are rich. *Some people try to show how strong they are. Like when they are in p. e. they try to do their best so somebody can think they are better than someonelse. Some people chnge thier attitude. Like if they are mad they will calm down because they see the person they like. * these are my three things first thay try to act cool and get the coolest clothes in schoo. next they act out in frount of the teacher. scond thay act cool next thay brag about being cool last thay try to beat u up. third thay are not cool to me. thay are jerks. and i dont like people who act like there better thay everybody else. * A lot of people do crazy things to impress someone. They do crazy things because they think it is cool.

They might get in a fight because its so “cool” Another thing they do to impress someone is that they drees up with clothing that is very expensive. They get that kind of clothing because they see a lot of people wearing it. I do not think it is very important how u dress up. They also hang out with people that are very popular. They hang out with them because they think that they would make them popular. A lot of people do things to impress someone. * somepeople do stuff they aren’t supposed to do to impress people. people do that because they want to look tough. Another reason people do that is because they want to look cool. ne more reason people do stuff to impress other people is so that they can get other people to like them. They also do that so people will respect them. They also do it because they like to do it. The last reason people try to impress people is because they can do it. They think just because they can means they should. That is why people try to impress other people. * One thing people do in the seventh grade to try to in press other seventh graders it they try to act all cool around other people. As if they were around all there friends they dont act like there self.

They would act like they are ever thing and try to fight people. Another way they try to do is try to dress the best out of the whole school. Like they would get the most exspensive clothes out of the whole school. Asif someone had a $20 aeropostale jacket they other person would go and get a $50 hollister jaket to be better than that person. Another way they would try to inpress someone would be they would act like they hate school and dont do any of there work but in the long run they do care about there school work and only act like that in frount of there friends.

Like if they had a big text coming up and the told there friends friends they diden’t study and were going to make a bad grade but they did study and they failed the test just to prove to there friends they diden’t like school and diden’t care about there work. These are some ways people try to impress other people!!!!!!!!!! * Some kids at MMS buy stuff that they dont like just to be part a of a group. Like if a group has a pair of shoes and a outsider dont like them they will buy them just to be in the group. Some people will be mean to the kids that are in a grade below us. Just because the other people think its cool.

Somepeope think its cool to ignore people. So when one kid starts another starts and another. Then they form a group and then another kid wants to join but there a nice person then they have to do something mean. * What kinds of things peopele do at MMS to try to impress other peers is they change their attitude,apperance,or even who they are. sometimes people change their attitude,but mianly to positive or negative attitude based on their enviroment. The next thing people sometimes change is their apperance because its easier to fit in with the crowd ,when everyone look the same.

The last thing I think sometimes people change is who they are because sometimes is hard liking things you only like, being left out,or even sometimes you feel like being just who you are is weird. so those are my three things I think peopele try to do to impress their peers. * The students at MMS do some pretty wild things. To start with alot try to show out around them to make them think your cool. No one wants a lame friend. Me personly I would juyst be myself . for me if you don’t like me then to be bad. I really don’t want a friend to be someone their not, that’s being fake & I hate fake people.

Another thing people do is just ask them . they don’t do any thing crazy they just ask . alike bepole like that they don’t care if they say they no they just keep living their life like nothing ever happen * One thing that seventh gradersdo to impress someone is they do crazy things in class. What they do is scream things out that they should not do. Another thing isthat they try to look nice too. They think that they are impressing you because they got the best cloths. The last thing is that if they act up in class that they will impress all the people in the class.

When the people get in trouble and then everyone just starts laughing at them. * Other peopler try to do to impress people by like there attitdue. They might have a bad attitdue but they might change it to impress that person. So they might have a bad attitude. Another thing you they will do to try to impress you is flurt. They will flurt with you to make you want to flurt back. Thats how they will try to get with you or go out with you. The other thing that they will do is like impress you with is they will tell you about there self to think that they are good. You will go for it but it dont be true.

A person will do anything bad or good or something they are not supposed to be doing to impress you. They will do this or that just anything and sometimes it will work and sometimes it wont cause some people have been there and done that so some people fall for it and some people dont it just depends. So thats three things that people will do just to impress you to do something. * If someone was trying to impress someone here something they will do to impress they will try to by with some cool people so they will think that they are cool to. An thing they will do is that if there some thing going on they will try to do some about like fight.

An other raeson they will try to do is run fast to impress an girl or someone. * They try to dress really cool and where colone try to look all nice and everything. Do you think they do that just to look cool? No one is going to go through all that work just to be cool it’s not worth it, they do it to try to impress someone it might be a freind or it might be to actually impress somebody. What they also try to do to impress somebody is try to be a smarty like try to be all big and everthing be cool. When of my peers liked this girl and hr acted all big and eveything he acted differently. And we would tell him,Do you like that girl?

And he would say,” No! Like Victor he tried to impress her by saying he knows french what do you he didn’t even know one word. Exactly like my friendhhe tried to be all tough and everything bt he uis actually a waekling. He did all that so he could impress her. But hey then they did start going out but that thing he tried to do the being all tough didn’t make them go out. * Things people do in our school to be like the popular kids is dress like us. They will wear what ever we are wearing like jordans and hollister are what we wear. They will dress just like us so they will look like us and be cool like us.

They will also try to make us laugh and disturb the class just to get recognized by us. They will make jokes in class andget in trouble just to be cool. They will talk back and do stuiped stuff just to be cool. Another thing they do is try to bein our groups. For example when we play football in P. E. everyone wants to be in our team. If we join the football team they will also join with us. I dont get why everyone wants to be popular its not that much fun anyway. * Some kids do things they never do and they do it just to impress the person they like or just to be with some group of people. some kids even get in trouble to be popular. hey change a lot,they change friends and they change their attitude. They are trying to be something their not like pretend they know something and they really dont. they get into things they never enjoy just to be with the person they like or friends. they get the same things their friends have to be like them or be part of a group. They try to get expensive stuff like cloth shoes just because everyone else has it. they try to be with people or they try to fit in groups. they change their style the way they look so they can think something else of that person. =D<3 Part 1: Before Reading:

What do 7th graders do to fit in or impress each other? Part 2: Words to Know: Using context clues, figure out the meaning of the vocabulary words. 1. The man was portly, not slender. 2. Josh chose photography class as an elective because he is interested in photography. 3. The scowl on Mr. Goldoni’s face told the entire class that he was not happy. 4. Mom was so angry when she saw the mess in the kitchen, her entire body quivered. 5. Martin Luther King, Jr. had a strong conviction of equality for everyone. 6. The scent of the perfume lingered in the air long after it was sprayed. 7. Victor thought, “I could try to bluff.

On the other hand, I could stop pretending and be truthful. 8. Unhappily, Billy trudged through the mud on the way to his tent. 9. His scowl has ferocity, but his personality is gentle. 10. Mary sheepishly sang the song in front of the entire school. During Reading – Part 3: Predict and Support Effective readers make predictions as they read. Predictions should make sense and you should be able to refer to information in the story as evidence of why your prediction makes sense. As you read “Seventh Grade,” stop every now and then to make your own predictions and support them with evidence from the text as you continue reading.

After Reading – Part 4; Connecting Answer the questions with a personal connection. You can write about a time you experienced something similar; you can indicate whether you agree or disagree with the actions of the characters and explain why; or you can answer the question in parentheses. Event from Plot of “Seventh Grade” Your Connection 1. Think of how Victor and Michael greet each other. (How do you greet your friends? ) 2. Think about when Victor searches for Teresa. (Have you ever felt this way as you search for someone? ) 3. Victor says that he knows how to speak French, but he doesn’t. Have you ever made anything up to impress someone? ) 4. Mr. Bueller keeps silent and does not embarrass Victor in front of Teresa. (Has anyone ever kept silent to prevent you from being embarrassed? ) Vocabulary Review Part 5: Cloze Fill-in the blanks with a word from the box. bluff elective linger quiver sheepishly conviction ferocity portly scowl trudge bluff elective linger quiver sheepishly conviction ferocity portly scowl trudge 1. Because he was shy, Peter ______________ entered the classroom. 2.

This year, Rita chose Italian as her ______________ class for her schedule. After school on Wednesdays, she must attend ______________ at Saint Eugene’s. 3. My cat Dummy, ______________ed his way into the kitchen by walking backwards through the door, and in ______________ Mom and Dad yelled, “Get out now! ” 4. Vincent became nervous and ______________ed when the gigantic quarterback ______________ed at him with great ______________ or anger. 5. After spending three full days at the Krispy Kreme donut shop, Mr. C. seemed more ______________ than usual, and he was truly ______________ that none of his clothes fit anymore. . Susana, Dada, and Marta found walking through the snow difficult; in fact, they ______________ed their way to school, and Dada ______________ complaints so that Susana and Marta could not hear. 7. Our teacher truly believes the ______________ that his 7th graders are awesome students. 8. Because we want to purchase our wristbands for the carnival, we will not ______________ at the mall today. 9. The carnival usually ______________ with crowds of kids, their parents, and their grandparents. Part 6: Antonyms – Select the antonym or opposite meaning for each word. 1. Sheepishly: SHYLY / QUIETLY / MODESTLY / DEMANDINGLY . Trudge: GLIDE / MOPE / MOVE SLOWLY / WALK WITH EFFORT 3. Ferocity: FEAR / ANGER / HATRED / BENEVOLENCE 4. Portly: HUGE / TINY / GIGANTIC / ENORMOUS 5. Bluff: TELL LIES / PRETEND / FAKE / TELL THE TRUTH 6. Embarrassed: ASHAMED / AWKWARD / UNEASY / WITH CONFIDENCE Circle the word or phrases that do not fit in the group. 1. Scowl Growl Yell Grin 2. Conviction Belief Certainty Disbelief 3. Quiver Shake Tremble Remain still 4. Sheepishly Shyly Boldly Timidly


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