December 22, 2016 General Studies

?Title: Compare and Contrast of Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan

Introduction: In F. Scott Fitzgeralds The Great Gatsby the plot revolves around Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanans love for Daisy. Although Tom and Gatsby are both very different in the ways they love Daisy . They demonstrate to be similar as they both want Daisy for themselves.
Thesis Statement: Although Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan share many similarities these two men also have a even greater amount of differences.

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First Paragraph Tom: Tom Buchanan in the novel The Great Gatsby was introduced as Daisy Buchanans husband. He was a great football player back in college with Nick Carraway. He was born with wealth. He lives in East Egg which have people live there who have old money not new like Gatsby.Tom went Yale like Nick and he never did a lot of work because of his wealth. One of Toms main attributes in the novel was that he had a very rude personality. He puts down people all throughout the novel. He shows off his money to anyone that would listen. Tom is a very shallow and cold-hearted person who doesnt care about others as long as it doesnt effect him.To make the matters worse, hes cheating on his wife Daisy. He doesnt even like her for true love, but like a trophy to show off. He doesnt even strive for her love because he knows he has enough money to keep her with him.

Second Paragraph Jay: Jay Gatsbys main attributes in the novel The Great Gatsby consist of him being very passionate and of a kind personality. He lives in West Egg and is a neighbor to Nick Carroway. Gatsby also throws big extravagant parties that contain people with new money. He came from a poor family, his parents worked on a farm. He was from North Dakota. He struggled with getting money to get his way through college. Jay gatsby was a good-hearted man who wanted the woman he loved that was married to another man. He was willing to whatever it took get her back with him. His love for her is one of his main reasons for getting rich. Since Daisy only cares about net wealth she choses Tom with the more money than true love with Gatsby. He also has and unrealistic way of life that makes him too, like Tom often disappointed. Gatsby differs from Tom in many ways than one.

Third Paragraph Alike: These two men are very alike in the way they both love Daisy. And they also both have the love of money to an certain extent. They both live a very stable and wealthy life. Tom and Gatsby both are able to show off their money anytime and anywhere without worry. Both of them like to go to parties. Gatsby hosts parties all the time for people with new money in West Egg. Tom and Gatsby use people to get what they want. They lie all throughout the novel.

Fourth Paragraph Different: In ways that Tom and Gatsby are alike, they are also very different. Tom got his wealth from his familys old money. Gatsby doing varies of stuff, he got new money. Gatsbys attitude in the novel was a kindhearted individual with a polite personality. While Toms attitude throughout the novel was self-centered and evil-hearted. Gatsby lives in area called West Egg: where he hosts extravagant parties. Tom lives in East Egg: they let people live there if you are well connected to people. Although both Tom and Gatsby lived a similar wealthy style of life, the main difference between Jay and Tom is that Gatsbys dependence on wealth; all through the novel there are examples of Gatsby desire to get wealth. ” His parent were shiftless and unsuccessful farm people”. Unlike Tom who had money throughout his whole entire life. The way they love Daisy is what sets them apart. Tom loves Daisy as a trophy to shined and shown off as a shiny new watch. But Gatsby treats her as the women she is. Gatsby is very romantic with Daisy all the when as Tom is not. There are ways that these men are different that set them apart.

Fifth paragraph Conclusion: Throughout the the novel The Great Gatsby, these two men have shown us that they very similar in many ways than one. They are the same in who they show off there money. They are also the same in how they live their lives. Both of theses men lie throughout the novel itself. Both Tom and Gatsby use people to get what they want.Both, Gatsby and Tom share ways that they are both alike and quite a lot ways they are different. These differences led to their final fight which leads to the downfall of Gatsbys life dream. This demonstrates how differences between one another can lead to negative consequences.


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