Gatsby’s Attraction to Daisy Essay

September 20, 2017 General Studies

In the novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ . by F. Scott Fitzgerald. the chief character – Gatsby – is in love with Daisy Buchannan. Furthermore. the protagonist’s love for the immature adult female is the consequence of the objectifying and romanticizing of the latter. Throughout the novel. Nick shows Gatsby as the prototype of magnificence and the American Dream. Gatsby’s illustriousness. nevertheless. prevarications in his ability to prosecute his dreams and. from them. make worlds. This is the really instance with Daisy. The chief character feels attracted to her because she represents everything he of all time wanted: wealth. glorification and a high-class position.

Without inquiry. Gatsby is driven to want Daisy because she is “dressed in white” ( pg. 65 ) and other officers “demanded the privilege of monopolising her” ( pg. 65 ) . It is of import to observe how Fitzgerald uses the word monopolising alternatively of others that would put a more romantic tone. This is. nevertheless. because. in Gatsby’s eyes. Daisy is a trophy or a award. And. therefore. Daisy being such a large wages or accomplishment for Gatsby. he tries to pull her with ebullient parties.

Furthermore. the fact that Daisy is so used to the upper category and pathetic sums of money besides makes Gatsby happen her “excitingly desirable” ( pg. 28 ) . It is non Daisy’s beauty or smiling that wakens Gatsby’s bosom ; it’s the fact that her sign of the zodiac was a thing “as insouciant to her as his collapsible shelter out at cantonment to him” ( pg. 128 ) . We can see that Fitzgerald is seeking to demo to the reader why is that all the excessive qualities Daisy possesses are so attractive to Gatsby ; she. like money. represents the American Dream- the semblance of illustriousness and high quality. It is besides of import to see the words Fitzgerald uses when Gatsby describes Daisy.

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The fact that many others besides desired the immature lady. the chief character says. “increased her value in his eyes” ( pg. 128 ) . The word value is. in a manner. the sum-up of how the supporter sees Mrs. Buchannan. It is non her beauty. her kindness or her personality – which behind Gatsby’s semblance is wholly amoral and unethical –that makes Gatsby so interested in her. It’s her value ; as if she were an expensive piece of jewellery to purchase as a aggregation or a concern to put in. Nonetheless. it is what attracts Daisy that besides attracts Gatsby.

Because she’s attracted to “pomp and circumstance” ( pg. 66 ) . it adds to her value. Since he was really immature. Gatsby fell in love with wealth and high-class criterions. and though he ne’er belonged at that place. he besides desired the supposed ‘greatness’ that came with them. Daisy. in the chief character’s eyes. is the representation of these really things. In decision. we can see that Gatsby. after making an unreal version of Daisy. wants her more as an object than as an existent adult female. Therefore. the supporter is attracted to her societal hierarchy. her affluent life style and her popularity.


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