Gattaca Change Essay

Change Essay

Change is an inevitable part of life as we know it ??“ from science and technology to fashion and music, change is all around us. Through the study of the film ???Gattaca??™, directed by Andrew Niccol, and the song ???Drive??™ by Incubus, responders learn that in an ever changing world, despite dealing with discrimination in many forms, the strength of the human spirit can prevail.

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Para 2 ??“ Gattaca study
The concept of discrimination in a changing world arises in both ???Gattaca??™ and ???Drive??™. In ???Gattaca??™, Niccol illustrates a world dominated by the pursuit of genetic perfection where discrimination is ???down to a science???. In the film, the character Vincent is diagnosed with many flaws and is classified as an ???in-valid??™. His father is not proud of him, and favours his genetically stronger, taller and more perfect son Anton. Vincent??™s desire to become and astronaut is not taken seriously. His applications to study are rejected, and job applications refused. Vincent is marginalised and discriminated against because he is not part of the elite group of ???valids??™.

Niccol uses subtle film techniques to further heighten the differences between ???in-valids??™ and ???valids??™. Techniques such as darkened lighting and heavy use of blue/black tone emphasise the entrapment felt by the ???in-valids??™. In contrast, the ???valids??™ exist in a brightly lit, white, sterile environment, as depicted in the opening scenes. Through this lifestyle, the ???valids??™ appear to have lost touch with humanity, and the invalids appear to be supressed.

Para 3 ??“ Drive study
The related text Drive touches on the issue of discrimination through the lyrics ???And it seems to have a vague, haunting mass appeal; But lately I??™m beginning to find that I should be the one behind the wheel??™. Here, the composer is making reference to choosing the same path as every one else, and fearing making his own decisions and perhaps being marginalised as a result, but then once he does take control, everything seems to work out fine. Vincent from ???Gattaca??™ and the subject of ???Drive??™ could have chosen to accept their lives how they were however instead elected to take control. The two texts differ however in that Vincent chose to join the masses in his attempt to accomplish his dream whereas the subject of ???Drive??™ chose to be marginalised in order to take control of his destiny.

Para 4 ??“ compare discrimination (completed this as part of last para)

Human Spirit

Para 5 ??“ Gattaca study
Another theme explored in Gattaca is the strength of the human spirit. Although Vincent is genetically imperfect, he is determined to achieve beyond his perceived capabilities and manufactures himself into a ???valid??™ through the help of Jerome??™s DNA and identity. His achievements are admired by others in the elite upper class, however his secret is known only by Doctor Lamar who takes his urine sample at the Gattaca launch site. Lamar states ???For future reference, right-handed men don??™t hold it with their left. Just one of those things???. Lamar changes the test result to allow Vincent to proceed to the launch pad, indicating that his son (who has a genetic defect) admires Vincent and would someday like to be an astronaut just like him. The use of close up camera angles shows the change to recognition of identity. This contrasts the earlier scenes where faces were not shown or full shots showed the testing process. This scene therefore shows that even though Lamar is a valid, he shows a human side to his character by letting Vincent pass.

Para 6 ??“ Drive study
In Drive, the theme of the human spirit is presented through the idea that we can change our destiny if we take hold of our own actions. Rather than follow ???the hive??™ and do what every one else is doing, we should have the courage to choose our own path. An important concept of the human spirit is freedom and in the lines ???Whatever tomorrow brings, Ill be there; With open arms and open eyes yeah??? shows this. These lines evoke imagery of the composers choice having been made and how he intends to voice his freedom by moving away from the norm and embracing whatever the results of this action may incur. The human spirit is an issue, which arises in ???Gattaca??™ and ???Drive??™ however in both texts it is portrayed positively. The human spirit shines through in ???Gattaca??™ with Vincent stopping at nothing to achieve his goal and the Doctor allowing Vincent to pass due to his compassion and understanding. In ???Drive??™ the composer is able to use the human spirit to gain freedom and move away from the ???hive??™.

Para 7 ??“ compare human spirit (completed this as part of last para)


Through the study of ???Gattaca??™ and ???Drive??™ we learn that despite the daily challenges we face in areas such as discrimination of race, religion, and appearance, through changing our mindset and believing in ourselves the strength of the human spirit can prevail. In order to achieve our true potential, we need to take control of our lives and accept responsibility for our decisions and not be led astray by the masses.

changing self in order to succeed.

Some argue that change is good – the only way to evolve – however I believe that not all change is for the better.

changing society via genetic engineering is explored underpinned with the themes of discrimination and human spirit . Similarly, the song Drive by Incubus presents the idea that we can change our own destiny if we take hold of our actions. Both these



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