Gay Marriage/Rights Speech

October 24, 2018 Religion

Marriage means something different to everyone, not just for man and woman. It’s for families, for security, bonding; it’s for two people sharing their love, its two people making a commitment to one another. I don’t believe in love being gender oriented, it’s the personality you fall in love with. I don’t believe anyone is full heterosexual nor full homosexual, we are all somewhere in between. There are many reasons why same-sex marriage should be legalised. As a general rule, not just for gays, we shouldn’t have to suffer because a few people do not like something.

How would you feel if there was this one thing that you loved doing but society look down on you for it, they shunned you for being happy and forced you into the repetitive, boring life that everyone has to live? Honestly, how can we claim to be free when we view someone as less than a person for who they are attracted to? People, they tell you that you should be your self, an individual and pursue your dreams, pursue happiness. Those same people then judge you and force a life that’s conforms by their “normal” upon you. What is normal? It differs with everyone and every place.

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For being gay some people will discriminate against you, not just at school either, throughout your whole life. They will bully you and make you feel worthless, so much that you would want to end it all, just because of what society thinks is ‘normal’, and that’s just wrong. It’s not hurting anyone, it’s not an act of rebellion, it’s not negative in anyway. It’s something as beautiful and simple as love. It baffles me how we can actually bully someone and discriminate against someone for being homosexual and think that as normal, whilst giving them a right to happiness isn’t normal?

How is making people feel that they have to repress feelings or risk being made to feel worthless, more socially accepted then for accepting a friend who is gay? I read a story once about a boy who, bluntly put, was openly homosexual and for that he was bullied and tortured, he was murdered, just because he wasn’t ‘normal’ by societies standards. How is that right? And you say gay marriage is wrong? Not legalising it and accepting it as part of society just gives people another reason to look down on someone else.

Legalising gay marriage won’t affect you any differently, the sun will still rise and you will still all have the same jobs and same lives as you ever did, your dog won’t turn homicidal or anything crazy like that, it’s just marriage, and it wont affect heterosexual marriage in any way shape or form either. In fact it will benefit you, as your children don’t have to grow up feeling inferior and forced into depression because of genetics. It doesn’t only benefit the people who want to marry under law; it also benefits the government and such.

Gay couples not being able to have children together as their own, will in turn adopt more children who need families and give them a great life. ?Gay marriage will be the same as any other hetero marriage; they will still pay the marriage taxes and so forth, resulting in the government making more money. The main reasons I believe people are opposed to same sex marriage is because of 1, religion.. We live in a country with secular views; religion should not affect legal matters. Not everybody is religious, so then religious customs should not be forced upon others.

Also religion is something we are taught, our sexual orientation is something we are born with. ?.. and 2, status quo. Just because it isn’t socially accepted as such, people will just automatically be iffy about it, for no reason at all. Same-sex marriage will not ruin the sanctity of marriage; honestly it has already been ruined. Most of us straight people have multiple marriages throughout our lifetime, in fact I can’t think of one marriage where at least one of the partners hasn’t been married previously.

It is actually proven that the divorce rates are lower within same-sex marriage in countries where it is already legal. Straight people marry for reasons other than love – like money, pregnancy, to keep their family happy etc. but gay people don’t have reasons other than love and devotion to commit, seeing as its not worth doing it for other reasons as they will be discriminated clearly in this generation. We allow marriages that last only a few years or less, but yet there could be two people of the same-sex who have been

together for more than a decade yet that’s illegal and looked down upon? In 30+ years, kids as young as 6 or 7 will be sitting in their classrooms’ hearing that boys couldn’t marry boys and girls couldn’t marry girls and they’re going to be so confused and disturbed like we were when we first learnt about slavery, women and black rights. We live in an ever-changing society, always improving. I hope to see same-sex marriage looked upon as normal in the near future. It is a right that has been immorally denied.


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