GE Seeds

January 20, 2017 Health

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Genetic Engineering of plants and their seeds is an idea that has recently been thought up and gone into testing. The idea that a plant seeds will be engineered to produce better quality fruits and vegetables could be an amazing discovery or a total disaster and problem to our planet and the way we live.

The thought of genetically engineered (GE) seeds have intrigued many peoples interest. The technology is now available to “edit” organism’s genes, meaning a plant seed could be changed to become better. Doing this has many advantages such as a “built in” pesticide. The plant will release this pesticide or herbicide that will act exactly like a regular pesticide without the costs and danger to the environment. These plants can also have things such as stress tolerance improved. Plants will be able to survive harsher heat or cold. This can result in less food becoming rotten, thus resulting in there being more food and the price of it dropping. With this new technology plants can be modified to produce more: Fruit on trees will be more plentiful. As technology increases so do the possibilities.

As easily as something is most excellent it can be disastrous as well. GE seeds could be potentially dangerous to our health. With the “built in” pesticides and herbicides that are in plants they could produce an allergic reaction in some people. Seeing how these plants are testing in short terms there could also be unknown long term effects. Possible cross pollination could occur (where a GE plants gene pollinates with a normal plants), this could result in the loss of the original plants seed and in the long run a possible extinction of the original plants seed itself. The price to create these seed must be quite high. With this high price to make the seeds it is obvious that the price to purchase them will go up as well. GE products could easily create problems with trade barriers. The fact that some countries governments do not want to have these GE seeds in their communities and possibly effecting their plant growth and its people’s health.


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