Gender-Typing vs. Distinct Gen

December 26, 2016 General Studies

Would our society change in the future in places such as home, school, and in workplace, if we were all raised in families that discouraged gender-typing and distinct gender roles? Well I believe that it would change very dramatically some for the better and some for the worse.

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My thoughts on the fact that the changes for downcast traditional gender-typing and distinct gender roles being for the worse would be that if we withhold this we would probably all be a lot more free willed we already are. If this were the case we would be more apt to do whatever we want which could cause much chaos in the world. For instance, if we were to be free willed in what we say because of not being taught certain ways then we could very easily offend people. With lots of offended people there would be lots of hate which could lead to horrible end results with nobody liking anybody else and hatred flowing. That is about the worst extreme in my beliefs of the bad effects of opposed traditional gender-typing and distinct gender roles.


Now for the other side of the argument as to what my thoughts on discouraged traditional gender-typing and distinct gender roles and why they could benefit us. Well my thoughts are that if we downcast our children to believe these have any true meaning and to raise them with those stereotypes being withdrawn they would have the benefit of being more of themselves rather than that of which society has molded to do their bidding. As I previously said, outspokenness could lead to hatred, but it could also work for the benefit. For instance, if we speak our minds we will be able to let people know things easier and not worry that just because you are of certain gender that you are held back and there would be less lie and deceit. Also I believe that if we got rid of these stereotypes that people would feel freer to be who they want instead of, for example women in the old days were meant to stay home and take care of the house and children and men went out and worked.


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