General Electric Gas Turbine Engine Engineering Essay

July 8, 2017 July 11th, 2017 Engineering

Harmonizing to Marshall Brain, pressurized gas spins the turbine in a gas turbine engine. In recent times gas turbine engines produces their ain pressurized gas by firing propane, natural gas, kerosine, Diesel or jet fuel. The heat that comes from firing the fuel expands air, and the high-velocity charge of this hot air causes the turbine to whirl ( Brain ) . Energy is extracted in the signifier of shaft power, compressed air and push, in any combination, and used to power aircraft, trains, ships, generators, and even armored combat vehicles ( subscribers, Gas turbine ) .

Gas turbines are described thermodynamically by the Brayton rhythm, in which air is compressed without an addition or lessening in the information, burning occurs at changeless force per unit area, and enlargement over the turbine occurs without an addition or lessening in the information back to the starting force per unit area ( subscribers, Gas turbine ) . They have a really simple design and consist of three chief parts the compressor assembly, burning assembly, and the turbine assembly. Harmonizing to Marshall Brian the first measure is for the Compressor to compact the incoming air to high-pressure. Then the Combustion country burns the fuel and produces high-pressure, high-velocity gas. Next the Turbine extracts the energy from the high-pressure, high-velocity gas fluxing from the burning chamber ( Brain ) . Finally the turbine drives governable pitch propellors through a conventional chief decrease cogwheel, shaft and clasp ( Sherman ) .

Gas turbine engines have some advantages over diesel engines. As said by Marshal Brain, they have a great power-to-weight ratio compared to other internal burning engines. That is, the power you get out of the engine compared to the weight of the engine itself is first-class. Gas turbine engines are smaller than their internal burning engine opposite numbers of the same power ( Brain ) . This engine besides has fewer traveling parts than internal burning engines and low lubricating oil cost and usage. In understanding with Robert Sherman, another advantage of a gas turbine engine is its ability to be removed from the ship for major fix in a little period of clip approximately 72 hours. A set of tracks is for good fixed in the consumptions of each engine. Another set of passage tracks, are besides temporarily fixed to let the staccato engine to travel from its mounting fond regards in the faculty onto the tracks in the consumptions ( Sherman ) .

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­Consistent with Marshall Brain, the chief disadvantage of gas turbines is that, they are expensive compared to an internal burning engine of the same size. Because they turn at such high velocities and because of the high working temperatures, planing and fabricating gas turbines is a trenchant quandary from both the stuffs and technology point of position. Gas turbines work better under a changeless instead than a fluctuating burden. They besides have a inclination to utilize more fuel when they are idle ( Brain ) .

In conformity with Wikipedia, The first U.S. gas-turbine powered ships were the U.S. Coast Guard ‘s Hamilton-class High Endurance Cutters in 1967. In modern clip they have powered the U.S. Navy ‘s Perry-class frigates, Spruance-class and Arleigh Burke-class destroyers, and Ticonderoga-class guided missile patrol cars. The Wasp-class amphibian assault ship USS Makin Island ( LHD 8 ) is to be the U.S. Navy ‘s first amphibian assault ship powered by gas turbines ( subscribers, Gas turbine ) .

The gas turbine of pick for the U.S. Navy is the General Electric LM2500. The LM2500 incorporates many characteristics which get the most out of shipboard care and minimizes parts replacing downtime, in-place blade and vane replacing, such as a split compressor shell, in-place hot subdivision care and easy to acquire to external fuel noses because of its straightforward modular design ( LM2500 Marine Gas Turbine ) .

Harmonizing to the LM2500 marine gas turbine datasheet this engine has a simple-cycle, two-shaft, high public presentation engine. It is developed from GE ‘s TF39 and CF6-6 aircraft engines. The LM2500 has a gas generator, power turbine, attached fuel and lube oil pumps, a fuel control and velocity government system, associated recess and exhaust subdivisions, lubricant and scavenge systems every bit good as controls and devices for get downing and supervising engine operation ( LM2500 Marine Gas Turbine ) .

Consistent with LM2500 marine gas turbine datasheet:

The four major parts of the LM2500 include a 16-stage, 18:1 force per unit area ratio compressor with seven phases of mutable stators and inlet guide vanes ; a to the full annulate combustor with externally mounted fuel noses ; a two phase, air-cooled high-pressure turbine which drives the compressor and the accessory-drive gear box ; and a six-stage, aerodynamically coupled, low-pressure power turbine which is driven by the gas generator ‘s high-energy fumes gas flow… the LM2500 has a simple modular design, marine corrosion-resistant stuffs and minimal size, weight and infinite demands per HP. The engine delivers high thermic efficiency and low fuel and airflow per HP ( LM2500 Marine Gas Turbine ) .

Harmonizing to GE Aviation, The LM2500 is located in a high-shock resistant and thermic enclosure. The enclosure besides weakens the noise degree in the engine room and assists the resilient daze saddle horses in cut downing the ship ‘s overall noise on the H2O. It besides provides detectors for possible jobs such as recess frost and fire ( GE Aviation ; LM2500 Marine Gas Turbine ) .

The faculties come to the ship yard ready for installing. The LM2500 faculty weighs 45,000lbs. plus 3,000lbs when daze saddle horses are added. It requires merely 2430 three-dimensional pess of ship infinite and the recess and exhausts canal flow country and is less than 48 square pess. ( LM2500 Marine Gas Turbine ) .

Because of high power-to-weight ratio and their ships ‘ ensuing acceleration and ability to acquire afoot rapidly Gas turbines are used in many naval vass. This engine design has proven itself to be really dependable over its long history.


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