General Law in Society


  • Introduction
  • The worlds and their ain subject, which protected them of course
  • The weaker is attacked by stronger
  • The of import feature of the Law of this state of affairs
  • My personal positions on feature of Law in present society
  • Decision
  • Bibliography


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This assignment related on the topic of General Law, which I have to clear up about “Human, are of course protected by their ain subject. However, sometimes weaker is attacked by stronger. The jurisprudence is playing a important function in this situation.”

The chief finding to explicate this subject is non merely gets the full Markss, but besides explain the importance function of Law in the society while the struggles arise. Since the human necessities are advanced, the society has become complicated. Religious teaches the moralss of the society for deciding the struggles, but sometimes weaker is attacked by stronger. In conformity with my personal positions that is go oning because of craving every bit good as ignorance of human existences.

I hope to depict the chief grounds to weaker onslaught by stronger every bit good as the importance of the Law with particular mention of subdivisions of Law, Human rights and Buddhist constructs.

The worlds and their ain subject, which protected them of course

Since we born our parents learn us what is right and incorrect. Therefore, they are known as “Pubbacariya.” Buddha has mentioned that as followers ;

“Brahamati mata pitaro-Pubbacariyatiuaccare” [ 1 ]

Buddha has mentioned in the sutta that the parents are “Mahabrahama” [ 2 ] who become the first instructor in our life. Harmonizing to the secondly and thirdly, we meet schoolteacher, friends etc… in our life. Their advices can see as the ain subjects which protect us of course in the society. After that, we are good known approximately good and bad. If person ‘s behaviour with good wonts he will protected by his ain good workss. Buddhism has besides mentioned approximately that as follows.

“Dhammaohave Rakkhati Dhammacari” [ 3 ]

Therefore, most people tried to populate with good because they wanted to be protected in society. Let us explicate this with best illustration. I am a monastic from Nepal. If I behave severely, my high priest will penalize me, hence I do non make bad workss in society. The construct that I have that I should non make bad workss, which have given by parents that are naming my ain subject.

To reason this subtopic if person behaves with good subject in the society, there are no nay opportunity to acquire punished him or acquire in problems. Then let we travel to following subjects, where I hope to discourse the existent state of affairs in the present universe.

The weaker is attacked by stronger

The word “weaker” which has different significance that I used to compose this assignment. Here I have indicated the significance of weaker as weak in physical, wealth, political relations, instruction money etc. The existent state of affairs of present universe looks like the regulation of the jungle. Harmonizing to the regulation of the jungle the little animate being are nutrients for powerful, strong animate beings. Deer is the repast of king of beasts. Here king of beasts is strong by physical power, therefore it eats cervid. However, we are human we have equal rights to populate in the society. The human rights can be defined as below

  1. The rights you have merely because you are human.
  2. A individual is inherently entitled merely because she or he is a human being

Although these sorts of more article indicate about the importance of human rights in the society, the offense is increasing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

“Everyone has rights to entitled to offense charge, full equal, just and public hearing etc.” [ 4 ]

“Not onslaught upon his award and reputation.” [ 5 ]

Although the society has mentioned these rights, the offense is increasing in the present universe. The people are utilizing their power to kill guiltless people. They used the power of politicians to let go of from the gaols. When the individual becomes rich, he/she tried to run the regulations of the jungle.

The following treatment point will be if people are seeking to run the regulation of the jungle, so how does the Law become of import to eliminate jobs from the universe.

The of import feature of the Law of this state of affairs

“All people are equal before the jurisprudence and are entitled to equal protection of law.” [ 6 ]

While the stronger people seeking to set up the regulation of the jungle, the Law plays an of import character in the society. As I have mentioned above that everyone are equal before the jurisprudence. Peoples made a jurisprudence for their protection ; hence, the jurisprudence has divided into chief two parts.

If person has done

  • Murder
  • Cheating
  • Assault
  • Larceny
  • Endanger
  • Rape
  • Smuggling is coming under the offense of a criminal’s actions.

In add-on, another portion is civil actions.

  • Law of belongings
  • Law of Contract
  • Mercantile Law
  • Law of Delist or Tort
  • Family Law
  • Labor or Industrial Law

If anyone has done these offenses, he/she will penalize by the Law. The article describes further that no citizen shall be discriminated against on the evidences of race, faith, linguistic communication, caste, sex, political sentiment, topographic point of birth or any of such evidences [ 7 ] . Here the important character of the jurisprudence can be seen in this article.

The condemnable might be the president of the state, he will punished by the jurisprudence. Therefore, when the people tried to come out with jungle regulations the Law plays an exceeding function in the society. In short, Law is equal for all citizens.

My personal positions on feature of Law in present society

Actually, harmonizing to my personal positions the Law in modern society is an semblance. The semblance means you can see, but there is nil in the world. Let us discourse some use of articles on human rights.

Article 9th

This talk about “no one shall be arrested without any ground of offense. Harmonizing to these human rights, I feel that this is illusive in the society. Police arrest the guiltless people and torment them to cognize the truth. I feel that the jurisprudence is unsighted. Therefore, they are collaring guiltless people. They might be felons, but if they were non felons so who will take the duties of apprehension and anguish.

Actually, we can see the Law in the society but the people has overused it, which converted to misapply.

Article 10th

Everyone has rights to entitled to offense charge, full equal, just and public hearing etc.

Article 11th

This article talks about the right to be presumed guiltless until proven guilty. However, before they proved guilty the constabulary have already hit him and forced him to accept the offense.

Article 12Thursday

Not an onslaught upon his award and repute. The politicians are ever making this offense.

Therefore, I asked what the significance of holding Law in the society. That is the chief grounds for stating that the Law is an semblance every bit good as for hapless people.

Harmonizing to the present state of affairs, the jurisprudence is similar to Matshaya Naya or the regulation of the jungle. These all Law is benefits for rich people. When hapless people broke the jurisprudence, so that, are felons, but for rich people it is an accident.


As a decision, I would advert that the jurisprudence is an semblance every bit good as for hapless people. I agree that homo are of course protected by his or her ain subjects. At that, clip weaker attacked by stronger, but jurisprudence will impact merely those who are hapless and can non by Law.

I believe that if you are stronger you are the Law in the present state of affairs. Although the jurisprudence has sold and turned into jungle regulations, but someway jurisprudence plays important functions in the society.

Therefore, what I suggest is give you sort cooperation to protect jurisprudence in the society. Do non seek to purchase it, which turns into jungle regulations.


Primary Beginnings

  • Sigalovada Sutta of Digha Nikaya
  • Dhammapala Jataka Story in Jataka Pali of Khuddaka Nikaya

Secondary Beginnings

  • What Buddhists Believe, chapter 12, K. Sri. Dhammananda
  • Introduce by the fundamental law of the democratic socialist democracy of Sri Lanka – chapter 1, article 12/01.
  • Introduce by the fundamental law of the democratic socialist democracy of Sri Lanka – chapter 1, article 12/02


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