Generation youth employment to economy, Shari Caudron

March 25, 2019 Media

Generation Xers are always being an insignificant group with huge influences for social and economy developing in any time. According to the article “Can Generation Xers Be Trained?” and “The Sweet Bird of Youth”, Shari Caudron and Andrew Beyak both analyze the relationship and influences between economy with youth employment. By analyze this effect of youth employment to economy, Shari Caudron and Andrew Beyak have different opinion, Shari Caudron positively thinks those young generations are with advantage of being an employee to help the economy growth, but Andrew Beyak thinks they are immature and the society distrust them to take responsibility. However, generation Xers are a special group that is different than other group due to their character, values, and life experiences, and those two articles point out both positive and negative relationship between youth employment with economy.
In the Shari Caudron’s article, Shari states Generation Xers are the first generation to grow up with many of their parents both working, (10) and also they are grow up with technology in home or school. Consequently, it helps them being independent and techno literate. For this group, they expect immediate satisfaction, and they the reason they stay in a company just in order to gain more experience; moreover, they are an efficient group. They are familiar with use techno to finish the job, unlike the older employee who work step by step which something does not necessarily to stay focus on, they assimilate information faster and focus on the insignificant information. Therefore, in order to attract those Xers to stay, company understand they can not train them like old time which tell workers what to do, but let them decide the solution to solve the problem, and provide multiple way to grabbing their attention. For example, company provide experiential training to encourage them to use “six sense, role playing and simulation learning” (21) when facing problems; moreover, according to Xers ‘s life experiences, provide interactive CDs, videotapes, audiotapes and other media leaning in the training courses are necessary for company, because Xers like this kind of self study. However, in the Andrew Beyak’s article, he points out the young emplyees are immature and they would effect the economy negatively.
By define the range of age about “Youth”, the range 18-30 brings lack of confident that society think about young generation. Indeed, the “Youth Employment Services Centre in Montreal offer a new range 16-35”. (Beyak 4) Beyak think that brings to socicty the immature image of youth, and he provide a example. According to CBC TV program “Youth Town Hall”, 18-25 years olds group had a right to go at the politicians, but people do not consider them are mature enough to decide the future of their country. Moreover, Beyak pointed out a reason is “not because of their state of maturity or development, but because of their economic circumstances.”


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