December 2, 2018 Geography

GeographyLargest part of the UK is England England was the most populousIn the northern parts, it is flocked with mountains such as the Cumbrian mountainsThe Cumbrian mountains is the chief highland (in other words, the highest point on the UKThe southern coast is made up of rolling hills and wide ranges of plainsElizabethan era maps consisted of houses, buildings, pubs and cottagesThe maps could also show the shape or form of the country and its landformsUnited Kingdom is made up of Wales, England, Northern Ireland and Scotland Elizabethan era maps were commonly used for the importance of a person traveling from one place to anotherBecause there weren’t many road signs, maps were important to daily lifeEngland is warmer than most northern countriesEngland is bounded by Wales, Northern Ireland and ScotlandLondon was built between two hills on the Thames riverGovernment structuresDuring the Elizabethan era, famous statesmen and politicians served as advisors for the monarch (Queen Elizabeth) The government operated at 3 levels 1st level: National level (privy council)2nd level: regional level 3rd level: local levelThe Privy council was a group of noble and powerful people that worked with the highly intelligent men of the time These highly intelligent men were not necessarily of noble birthThe people were chosen by Queen Elizabeth herselfThe Privy council would meet 3 to 5 times a weekThe Privy Council was responsible for Elizabethan Economics, Foreign Policy, Home Policy, Religion, Security and Military matters. Besides, the 3 levels, there were the laws of the land which were applied to the local levelsIn the Elizabethan era, there was no prime minister, cabinet and political parties limiting the parliamentThe roles of men, women, and childrenThe roles of women were to take care of the family as well as produce medicines from the herbs availableThe family would depend on the woman to have good housekeeping Women did not go to school neither did they get a proper educationWomen would marry to increase the wealth and position of her family Men’s roles were one with powerWealthy men would take on jobs like courtiers, diplomats, clergymen or lawyers Less wealthy men would take on jobs like shoemakers, carpenters and brick buildersChildren would learn to obey their mother and fatherBoys would be sent to school while girls would be taught to cook and sewBoys and girls could be an apprentice until they were ready to take on a full jobBoys could become actors for plays Types of settingsOrphanageDoctor’s officeHouse in leicesterGlobe theater EntertainmentBull running Hunting and hawkingFencingFootball (not like American football or soccer) Bull running is when a bull is released into the streets and men and boys have to try and kill itHunting and hawking is when you hunt animals like doe and stags, foxes, boar, birds, otter, and rabbitsFootball was a dangerous, risky and rough sportFootball is more like soccer because you would run with your feetCultural normsAttending church on sundayWealthier people would go regularly Lots of the holidays were christian based such as twelfth night and easterSome others were valentines day and all fools dayWealthy people would eat meat and desertsAverage people would eat a bread based diet with a bit of meat or fishWater was never clean due to poor sewage so beer or ale was consumed CurrencyThe currency went from penny to shilling to poundCoins were mixed with different types of metalsThese metals were silver or goldA carpenter would get paid 13 pounds annually Family structure


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