George Orwell, 1984 Essay

September 13, 2017 Communication

George Orwell wrote the book 1984 as a warning to the people in the hereafter. Orwell opened the people’s eyes to the manner the authorities controls the people by anguish and control of information and linguistic communication. Besides. the authorities controls by war and fright. brainwashing. propaganda. and several other immoralities. One of the major ways the authorities controlled the people in the book was by propaganda. Propaganda is the information. thoughts. or rumours deliberately spread widely to assist or harm a individual. group. state. etc. In 1984. George Orwell warns us about the usage of propaganda by authorities to command people.

The propaganda used by the authorities in 1984. during the clip period of the book. and today is used to maintain the authorities in control. to coerce people to believe in one manner and to do the citizens think what the authorities wants them to. Propaganda is selective information that is given for many different grounds. Governments tend to utilize this method to remain in control. In 1984. the Party utilizations fake messages to remain in control and do the people of Oceania think they are making good for their state. A message given by the authorities was “Attention!

Your attending. please! A news bulletin has arrived from the Malabar forepart at this minute. Our forces in South India have won a glorious triumph. I am authorized to state that the action we are now describing may good convey the war within mensurable distance of its terminal. Here is the newsflash-” ( Orwell 25-26 ) . In this state of affairs. the Party told the citizens the war is over and they have won. Small do the citizens know. there was ne’er a war go oning. The authorities told the people this lie so that the people would derive hope and believe they are safe.

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All throughout the “war” the people of Oceania were directing nutrient to who they thought were the soldiers contending for their state but all the nutrient truly went to the Party. Just like the Party in 1984. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis told their people dishonest information to remain in control. Hitler and his soldiers forced captives to direct false stuff back to their loved 1s. “Concentration cantonment and killing centre functionaries compelled captives. many of whom would shortly decease in gas Chamberss. to direct post cards place saying that they were being treated good and populating in good conditions. ” ( “Holocaust History” OL ) .

Hitler uses propaganda to cover up mass slayings and to do the people back place believe that the 1s they love are safe. While the household and friends of these guiltless people had no concerns. the unfortunate captives at the concentration cantonments were enduring and were being tortured to decease. Due to the menace of being killed on the topographic point. the captives were forced to compose merely good things in their letters that were sent to their households. Today. authoritiess still use propaganda to remain in control. Recently. President Barack Obama used propaganda to support himself and guarantee his people would non travel against him.

When there was a United States embassador stationed at an embassy in Libya. Obama knew that his people were in danger but did non direct military personnels to Libya to protect the United States citizens. “Romney went on to state that he wanted to ‘get that for the record. because it took the president 14 yearss before he called the onslaught in Benghazi an act of terror’” ( “Due Diligence: Did Obama Initially Deem Libya Attacks a Terrorist Act? ” OL ) . The president knew that the onslaught at the embassy in Libya was an act of panic for 14 yearss and did non denote it to the people of the United States.

Obama was guilty because he did non direct military personnels to protect his staff members in the embassy and the members were being attacked by the terrorist group. al-Qa’ida. Obama wanted to cover up his error so he pretended he did non cognize that the onslaught was a terrorist onslaught. Barack Obama lied to his people and told them that what happened was non an act of panic. Propaganda has been used by authoritiess for many old ages and a intent for utilizing it is for the authorities to maintain their power. Governments besides use propaganda to acquire their people to believe in certain ways.

George Orwell demonstrates the usage of propaganda this manner in 1984 by demoing how the Party forced the people of Oceania into believing what they told them because the citizens had no pick whether to listen to the Party or non. “The atrocious thing about the Two Minutes Hate was non that one was obliged to move a portion. but. on the contrary. that it was impossible to avoid connection in. ” ( Orwell 14 ) . The citizens of Oceania are forced to travel to the Two Minutes Hate where they are taught about the war and they listen to addresss by Goldstein that are fabricated.

The people are non told that these addresss are false but are told to listen to everything Goldstein has to state. In the clip period when 1984 was written. Hitler and the Nazis did whatever it took to brainwash the people with propaganda. “If they didn’t follow the propaganda they were punished and were brainwashed to believe that Hitler and the Nazis were right. ” ( “Holocaust History” OL ) . Hitler did non care what sort of information he was directing out every bit long as the people believed what he was stating.

If they did non follow it. the penalty given to them was rigorous and made them obedient to Hitler in order to avoid the rough penalties. US President Barack Obama has promised to make whatever is necessary to protect US citizens abroad and said he was pressing foreign authoritiess to vouch their security. ” ( Bowen OL ) . Obama knew that the lives of his people were in danger. He knew that he should hold sent military personnels over to Libya to protect the people of the United States. Although. Obama had said he would make whatever was necessary to protect his citizens. he did non. When Obama didn’t send military personnels to Libya for protection. four embassy staff members from the United States were killed including embassador Chris Stevens.

Governments tend to lie to their citizens without them cognizing. which forces to them to believe what they are being told. Propaganda is used by authoritiess to do their citizens believe merely what they want them to believe. In 1984 the Party used different mottos to do the people think what they wanted the people to believe. The party is seeking to convert the people of Oceania that what they want is what they already have. They do non desire freedom because it is slavery.

If they were free they would non be happy and would non populate the manner they do. The citizens are forced to believe that war is peace and that being unaware of what is traveling on is strength. The authorities in 1984 assures people will believe the authorities so there is no manner they will arise against them. During the Holocaust. Hitler used media that all the German citizens saw to carry them with his sentiment. “Newspapers in Germany. above all Der Sturmer ( The Attacker ) . printed sketchs that used anti-semitic imitations to picture Jews. ” ( “Holocaust History” OL ) .

All German citizens and soldiers were told such rough things about the Jews who in world did nil wrong. Hitler used everything he could in order to voice his sentiment. Once the people started seeing this atrocious media. they really began to believe it. The Jews were tortured for the longest clip for someone’s sentiment that people began to believe for no ground. Still today. authoritiess seek and command their people’s heads by giving false information. The government’s lies are what acquire the citizens to believe what they tell the people of their state.

Propaganda has been used all around the universe for several old ages. George Orwell used his novel. 1984. as a warning to demo the future how propaganda is utilized by the authorities. The disposals use methods like propaganda in order to maintain their control. acquire their citizens to believe in one manner. and to do their people believe in the authorities. In 1984 the Party feeds the people information in the signifier of propaganda which they want their citizens to believe. They do this in order to remain in control and so that the people have no ground to arise against them.

Merely as the Party does in 1984. Hitler tells Germany and people all over the universe false information so that they think what he is making is morally right. He advertises his sentiment everyplace and finally people catch on and get down believing it besides. President Obama besides gave his United States citizens false information so they would believe he was making the right thing and so his people would non travel against him. George Orwell portrayed the usage of propaganda in his novel. 1984. really accurately as we can see the propaganda that is still used by authoritiess today.


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