George Orwell’s 1984 Human Nature Essay Essay

October 13, 2017 General Studies

George Orwell’s 1984 is a novel which describes utter and entire hate- hatred of those who are different. hatred of immorality and hatred of all other worlds. It is where love is described as absurd. and wholly unneeded. Peoples are bred to detest. and hatred is the primary emotion that people feel. The deficiency of love and kindness is what brings the society to such a complete totalitarian province. Human existences instinctively crave love and attention to boom and without it no 1 can genuinely be happy or free. This works good for 1984 because it is a hate goaded society. but the deficiency of love causes unrest with those who can see the importance of love. By seeking out a relationship in this society it is a certain decease sentence and no moral strong belief or emotional trueness is strong plenty to defy anguish or treachery. Physical hurting and fright will ever do people to bewray their strong beliefs if making so will stop their agony.

It is highly of import for the leaders of this society to command relationships and emotions ; the society strains hatred and disapproves of love in its citizens. There is no manner to successfully arise against this control as the Party guesss. The treasonists against the Party belief that love is nonexistent “ [ imagine ] that there is something called human nature which will. . . bend against [ the Party ] ” ( Part 3. Ch. 3. Pg. 282 ) . Unfortunately. the Party has created human nature and it despises those who believe they can contend against their control. They utilize anguish to stamp down truenesss that attempt to come up between Rebels.

The potency for loving relationships in this society is extremely unlikely. because of the oppressive regulation and the fright of being found out by the Party foremans. The Party knows that love can non blossom or should non because they govern emotions. It is accepted that “men are boundlessly ductile. ” ( Part 3. Ch. 3. Pg. 282 ) and no 1 should be able to experience near to another. The Party allows people to acquire close possibly. but so uses anguish to hold them betray each other- which is what will finally tear people apart. No 1 can let themselves a relationship ruined by treachery.

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Not merely does the Party make romantic truenesss a offense. it besides creates loveless familial dealingss. Children in households do non demo love or affection towards their parents. They are taught by the Party to descry on their female parents and male parents ; to be miniature research workers for lese majesty. The society has become one where “it was about normal for people. . . to be frightened of their ain kids. ( Part 1. Ch. 2. Pg. 27 ) The Party creates a system where kids who betray their households are rewarded and so female parents can non demo any love towards their kids without fearing treason- which would ensue in anguish.

No household can be near to each other as households of the past- everyone has ground to be afraid of each other and worry that they may be turned in by their progeny. A household is non an being strong plenty to bond together without fright of strong belief. The Party creates undercover agents in young person. who are afraid of what will go on to them if they do non obey the Party. No longer do households make the regulations and enforce authority- it is the authorities that raises kids. and households must go terrified of their ain offspring.

The most of import facet of human nature is that people can bond with each other to make loving relationships. One must happen person to contend with. to arise against the subjugation but in this society any idea of love is shadowed by the cognition that everyone could be able to bewray everybody. The Party does non allow emotional fond regard and menaces of anguish affix themselves to any relationship- if person loves person. might the object of their fondness merely as easy be a undercover agent than a lover? No 1 can candidly keep a relationship under the force per unit area of the Party. In the terminal. treachery is the lone manner to travel and it overcomes even the basic human inherent aptitude to seek out love. It ends up that finally love does non suppress all and one can merely love their saviour- even if they are Party commanding officers.

Romantic love is an ideal that can non predominate because it is easy bred into the Black Marias and heads of the Rebels that this love will merely stop in wretchedness. The one time loving will turn into acrimonious misers and betray whomever that they believe set them in the anguish chamber. Love may be deserving “risking everything for” ( Erica Jong ) but unluckily what happens in the terminal is that “you don’t hazard anything. [ and happen yourself put on the lining even more ] ” ( Erica Jong ) . And by put on the lining everything it is an entree to decease. Love and trueness are non strong plenty factors in this society- treachery is. and by this treachery one accepts disapprobation to decease.

Love and emotional fond regards. the implicit in constituents of human nature. take one to fear hurting and treachery. every bit good as separation. finally doing one to accept the subjugation and fright that allows the Party to boom. In this society to last one can non let a relationship to be formed. One must be lone and stray because it is necessary to hold love. yet it is fatalistic to seek it out. Love has become a tool for the Party to pull strings. Human nature demands that households are loving and sort ; that a twosome can pass clip together and that love should freely abound in a society. Yet. human nature is controlled and to love is to fear the anguish and menaces from the Party. Love is betrayal and human nature is to contend against this treachery. Peoples may wish to hold dealingss with each other. yet the ultimate realisation that comes from the novel is that no emotional ties or moral strong beliefs are able to defy utmost agony.


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