George progressing America. Washington comprised the first

George Washington’s “Farewell Address” took 4 years to prepare and release. The ideas stated in this letter concern Washington’s resolve for the nation’s preservation. He describes his philosophy that the strong unity of the citizens built on a foundation of religion and ethics could produce an everlasting country that he envisioned. Washington voices his position on the foreign policy and yearns for the realization that remaining inactive regarding other countries’ relations should be a priority for a young and progressing America.
Washington comprised the first draft of this letter as he was nearing the end of his term in office. The origin of his ideas and beliefs are due to the corruption of the political parties causing diverse opinions that make unity tougher to achieve and his bias towards the Constitution. His philosophy that if religion had a greater influence on citizens of the country, virtues would be more common among people and would start the decline of favored candidates being elected into government. His view on the countries’ foreign policy was meant to achieve the development of America’s own economy and the overall value of the nation that would give citizens a sense of patriotism that would cause a widespread epiphany that would eliminate the obstacles stopping America from becoming a self-preserving country. The most convincing elements of the “Farewell Address” was his ability to reinforce his points by word choice and a powerful tone. He relayed his points by inserting a variety of adjectives towards the candidates and the foreign policy; this made the purpose of his letter and his feelings towards the issues clear for anyone that was to read it.
Washington’s diction is crucial to any further published documents having to deal with government, but the most significant impact he made was derived from his stand on the foreign policy. The American foreign policy of Isolationism in the 1900’s was greatly influenced by the position of Washington on the foreign policy and the betterment of the nation.

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