George ritzers integration model sociology theory

October 8, 2017 Sociology

Sociology is defined as the survey of societal life of human existences. It helps societal analysts to understand the working of human existences and society ( Moore Kelly, 2008 ) . Relationship between the person and society has formed the major footing of sociological rules.

Quantitative sociology chiefly focuses on the figure of persons and concerned with numerical attack of persons to the society, whereas qualitative sociology focuses more on wonts and behaviors which can be analysed subsequently to understand human behavior ( Denzin et al. , 2007 ) .

George Ritzer ‘s Integration theoretical account:

Ritzer ‘s theoretical account is a good illustration of sociological theory based on integrationist attack. It combines both macro and micro degree theories in it. Harmonizing to him, there are four extremely mutualist elements in the society which are a macro nonsubjective constituent, a micro nonsubjective constituent, a macro subjective constituent, a micro subjective constituent. This theory is good in understanding the society in both nonsubjective and subjective degrees. It besides aims at understanding the society norms and single benefits from the society ( Ritzer et al. , 2003 ) .

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Adapted from ( Ritzer et al. , 2003 )

Harmonizing to this theory, all the four constituents are distinguishable and mutualist to act upon the society. It emphasizes that persons can alter cultural norms and society harmonizing to their behavior.

Individual behavior and Influence on the society:

Behaviour of the person does n’t basically act upon the society. However certain wonts may make positive or negative consequence on the society. When a single attempts and modifies their organic structures off from the cognition of the society, it makes no difference. However, when single attempts to modify the society by wonts and behavior, it creates a societal impact.

Harmonizing to Ann defrauder, political orientation is a finding factor for act uponing authorization in the society and organic structure alteration is one such political orientation. Body alteration increased quickly in the western states over the old ages and easy distributing to other states as a tendency of manner. Body alteration refers to alterations to the external visual aspect of the organic structure by utilizing devices or manner to alter the organic structure quickly or bit by bit. Some of the organic structure alterations include tattooing, piercing, cutting, branding, infixing rings or he-mans to ears, umbilicus, nose, oculus foreheads ( Featherstone, 1999 ) . Body alteration can besides be extended to the patterns such as gymnastic exercises, dieting and physical exerting techniques to change the bing organic structure construction. These alterations are bit by bit happening and take a period of clip to acquire noticeable ( Featherstone, 1999 ) .

Use of engineering in organic structure alterations is another extra pattern, and this includes have oning eyeglassess for clear vision, utilizing hearing AIDSs and assorted organic structure implants at bosom, kidney and tegument surfaces. Use of these alterations is necessary in normal operation of a organic structure in absence of regular controlled physiological procedure. When the organic structure tends to go weak or unable to defy alterations, these technological devices and nano technological merchandises are used within or over the organic structure to better wellness status and cut down hurting in human existences ( Featherstone, 1999 ) .

Science and fiction influence organic structure alteration processs indirectly by captivation and purpose to follow or copy. Movies are the major beginnings of scientific discipline fiction and some of them include Robocop ( Paul Verhoeven, 1987 ) , Blade smuggler ( Michael Deeley and Ridley Scott, 1982 ) . Some of the movies besides emphasized on internet and its influences which markedly improved manner sense of human existences ( William Gibson, 1986 ) .

Media and magazines are instead inexpensive resources to human existences which influence manner. These resources create a cultural impact on human existences to accommodate really normally to makeovers and conversions. Cultural facets of the society have been bit by bit altering through media ( Featherstone, 1982, 1991 ) . Society tends to copy the manner civilization and adapts to it quickly. Clothing is one such illustration, which changed over the old ages from extended heavy vesture to lighter loose vesture exposing the tegument ( Bourdieu, 1978 ; Featherstone, 1987 ) . However, these alterations could make a incorrect societal and cultural impact on the society when wrongly used and interpreted in certain fortunes ( Lloyd, 1996 ) .

One of the major organic structure alterations noticed about everyplace is body constructing in work forces and dieting patterns in adult females to alter their organic structure form to an wholly different expression. Harmonizing to Lee Monaghan, Males tend to in habitat the civilization of muscular structure progressively and depend on gym and preparation Centres to determine out the organic structure. They tend to accommodate these alterations to derive the attending of adult females and society. Females, on the other manus are in a tendency of zero-size and slender versions and depend drastically on gym and dieting Centres to tear up the excess fat off ( Featherstone, 1999 ) . These efforts by the society although improves the heath and build of an person, it besides brings some hurtful alterations in the human organic structure. Some of the alterations include impossible organic structure forms after strict work outs and alteration in the feminine organic structure construction in females. Harmonizing to Roberta, non every organic structure reacts in the similar mode to engineering and exercising. Some organic structures tend to better and some tend to go unnatural in expression and sense. In certain adult females, conversions and makeovers could take to hurtful effects such as alteration in feminine characteristics ( Doug Aaoki, 1996 ) . She describes the usage of lip rouges and feminine AIDSs to reconstruct the lost feminity. Regardless of all these efforts, it appears as ‘gender traversing dressing ‘ to the society ( St Matin and Gavey, 1996 ) . Many of the organic structure alterations are irreversible and therefore attention should be taken in order to accommodate to them.

Many of the organic structure alterations are based on altering civilization and manner. Bettering with manner is different from complete transmutation. Many of the organic structure alterations can non be reversed and irreversible organic structure alterations are a hazard to seek ( Paul sweetman ) . Sweetman describes that manner tendencies vary from individual to individual and permanency of manner depends on the type of organic structure alterations he is willing to accommodate. Harmonizing to Polhemus and Procter ( 1978 ) , organic structure alterations are anti-fashion tendency followed in modern yearss and is a agency of escape to avoid the traditional garb. Giddens ( 1991 ) supports the context by description of ‘body undertaking ‘ whereby tradition is dissolved in modern times with relevant alibi of manner tendencies.

Positive influence of organic structure alterations on the society:

Body alterations are seen as positive phenomenon by assorted sociologists. Many of them depict it as turning modern with the altering universe. Shildrick describes that society tends to alter quickly and organic structure alteration is an enhancement process to individualize and place 1s ain ego individually and unambiguously. The positive facet of modifying organic structure harmonizing to the latest tendencies to instill modernness in the system is appreciated by many modern sociologists.

In add-on, Society has gained a batch from utilizing certain organic structure alterations to ease their life style ( Featherstone, 1999 ) . Use of eyeglassess and hearing AIDSs has improved manner of life with improvement. Adventures in surgical and clinical field by organic structure implants of bosom, kidney and unreal limbs have created a milepost. Use of these clinical alterations reduced mortality rate and improved longetivity of life ( Featherstone, 1999 ) . Use of unreal limbs has paved an easiness of life style for the physically challenged people. This improved their lifestyle and increased opportunities of competition and endurance in complex modern life.

Body undertaking as described by Giddens ( 1991 ) is complex and size uping the organic structure undertakings by persons for their ain benefit has become a common pattern in modern times. Use of clinical, scientific organic structure alterations for the single benefit is encouraged by many socialists and has become a common pattern in all the topographic points of the universe. Harmonizing to Virilio, organic structure alterations are portion of 3rd technological revolution ( Armitage, 1999 ) .

Negative influence of organic structure alterations on the society:

Some sociologists have justly said that great innovations or developments are ever followed by possible hazard to the society. The modern society has incorporated many organic structure alterations as a portion of their life style. Many sociologists discuss that although human existences neglect the fast gait of clip, clip is ever reflected in the organic structure alteration ( Featherstone, 1999 ) .

Society has imbibed the fad of manner and organic structure alterations to the upper limit and these alterations tend to be irreversible and hurtful in certain conditions. One of the most obnoxious organic structure alterations is cutting and piercing. Interpolation of he-man and rings to assorted parts of the organic structure has become a common pattern in modern yearss. Victoria Pitts argues that organic structure alteration is seen as factor of mutilation by the media and badly leads to certain mental upsets. Irvine Walsch ( 1993 ) describes the organic structure alteration as a fad and dependence to the society.


In the modern epoch, organic structure alteration and manner have become a common tendency. Society has reacted to the new alteration increasing over the period of clip. Although there is a positive impact of the new alteration in the society, the negative phenomenon is besides associated along with it. Sociologists have mixed reactions to the alteration. The positive factor considered is reformation in medical specialty and betterment of human existences. The negative impact associated with it is craze, dependence and racism associated with the new manner tendency.


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