George Washington: Better General or President? Essay

September 26, 2017 General Studies

In response to George Washington. Thomas Jefferson said. “We sir. Can non make without you. ” Everyone knows George Washington was America’s first president. He has been called the male parent of the state. the indispensible adult male. and America’s ain Moses. Many will hold that George Washington was a great leader and general ; this referee even had a difficult clip happening opposing sentiments. Therefore. was George Washington a better General or President?

Washington reluctantly took the place as America’s first president in 1789. He was the first and merely president to be nem con elected and reelected. It was said that Washington was elected because he was trusty. brave. tall. charming. and honest. Washington believed in following the Constitution. He was fundamentally responsible for making the authorities that America still lives and abides by today. He believed that Congress’s occupation was to do the Torahs and that it was the president’s occupation to transport out and implement them. Washington understood the power of trust and regard. In events such as the Gallic Revolution and the sign language of the Jay Treaty. the people did non ab initio agree with Washington’s determination. Still. Washington trusted that the people would come back to him and understand ; he was right.

Compared to later presidents. Washington was far from impressive. He had ne’er been to Europe. knew no foreign linguistic communications. had small former instruction. and was non a great author or talker. He fundamentally had to be put into a category by himself. Washington hated spliting into groups. and seldom took sides. George Washington was merely an all-round good individual. He had great character. ethical motives. and the regard of most Americans. Henry T. Tuckerman one time said about Washington. “The universe has yet to understand the rational efficiency derived from moral qualities- how the fairness of an honest. clarity of an unperverted head attains consequences beyond the mere intelligence and adeptness. ”

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Before Washington was America’s first president. he was America’s foremost general. He had three basic thoughts. to win the war. addition independency. and to set up a republican. constitutional authorities. Washington was highly organized. Most of his clip spent during the American Revolution was spent as an organizer/administrator of the ground forces than he did as a military strategian. Without Washington. the ground forces would hold fell through before it of all time truly started. He had thoughts and ends for what he hoped his ground forces would go. Washington had to cover with the problems of short term hitchs. abandonments. and ill equipped soldiers. Since adequate soldiers respected. trusted and believed in him they stayed with him and his thoughts.

When the Continental Congress needed a general for the new ground forces. Washington wore his Virginia reserves unvarying every twenty-four hours that the Congress was in session. On June 19. 1775 Washington was elected General of the First Continental Army. Washington was a really successful general. Granted that he did do many errors during the American Revolution. he did turn out himself to be a magnetic leader and unafraid battleground warrior. Washington had success at the New York/ Long Island Campaign. the New Jersey Campaign. Winter Encampment. Monmouth and The Battle of Yorktown.

George Washington was both a good president and general. He was good respected and he earned every spot of award and acknowledgment he has received. When asked to give Washington’s eulogium. Lincoln Replied: Washington is the mightiest name on Earth. long since mightiest in the cause of civil autonomy ; still mightiest in moral reformation. On that name. a eulogium is expected. It can non be. To add brightness to the Sun or glorification to the name of Washington is likewise impossible. Let none try it. In grave awe pronounce the name. and its bare deathless luster. go forth it reflecting on. It is difficult to nail precisely which place he is better at because he did both so good ; this referee believes that this is where most people stand. The author believes that it is an impossible determination to make up one’s mind. and she believes that Washington is every bit good at both leading places.


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