Gertrude and Ophelia (Hamlet) Essay

October 8, 2017 Communication

In Hamlet. the adult females act the little functions portraying their historical position at the clip. Although Gertrude is the Queen of Denmark and Ophelia is the prince’s lovers. they have no standing in the society and their voices are ne’er heard. Their actions and destinies are greatly influenced by the men’s determinations. All their lives Ophelia and Gertrude are led by the men’s power ; they together make a weak image of dependent adult females at Shakespeare’s clip.

Although Gertrude and Ophelia are non good developed through out the drama. their actions. linguistic communication and influence on the drama portray them as the obedient inactive type of adult females. Gertrude is Hamlet’s female parent. a queen who betrayed her hubby and got seduced by the prince’s uncle Claudius. She remarried with him and thenceforth obeyed every order from Claudius. Gertrude is objectified by Claudius. as he said: “my Crown. mine ain aspiration and my Queen. ” To him the queen is one of his ownerships and non even listed as the first. This suggested Gertrude is used by Claudius to acquire to the throne. The headlong matrimony merely a few hebdomads after her husband’s decease shows her great dependance on work forces. Hamlet’s announcement that he will “speak stickers to her. but use none” illustrate that he perceives her to be inferior. weak plenty to fall foul to his words. Overall. Gertrude is the type of adult females that can non last without a adult male in her life. with such a weak psyche she betrays her ain hubby and boy.

Ophelia is different from Gertrude. She is guiltless. and naive with no experience in life. She does love Hamlet with her pure bosom. but she is besides excessively submissive to her pa Polonius and brother Laertes. As they claim Hamlet is unsafe. that Hamlet’s “will is non his own” and that she should “fear” him. she does non seek to oppose him. or warrant Hamlet’s “affections” alternatively she tells Laertes that he “shall maintain the key” of her memory. Polonius insults her and Hamlet’s love. reacting to her declaration that Hamlet “has of late made stamps of his affection” he cries “Affection? Pooh! …Do you believe his stamps as you call them? ” to which Ophelia answers “I do non cognize. my Godhead. what I should think” .

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She gives all the other male influences in her life. Later in the drama. after Hamlet killed Polonius and runs off. Laertes is in France. she has no 1 to turn to. She depends excessively much on those people. now without any support she turns to madness and eventually commits suicide. All her life Ophelia is led by others and has ne’er decided anything but her decease.

“Hamlet” was written in a clip when adult females were non even allowed to play themselves on phase. adult females were seen as inferior and adult females were ‘owned’ by work forces. Ophelia and Gertrude have no existent Autonomy. they are at the clemency of Hamlet. Claudius. Rodrigo. and Laertes tempers to specify their tempers. and when the work forces are in struggle the adult females suffer. which is decease in this instance. They are a portrayal of what adult females in Shakespeare’s clip were similar. dependant on work forces and ne’er could command their ain destiny.

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