“get well soon” and “revelation”

January 5, 2018 General Studies

Throughout the time the readers read about Lice’s class, they find out that one of their own peers, Glenn Gregg, is in a severe burn incident, but they do not know why. So Ms. Convoy lets her students make get well soon cards for Glenn. Neither Alice, nor the students really know all of the facts regarding the burning incident, but soon find out when they all decide to take a field trip to Glenn George’s house to see him. They soon find out that Glenn was burned accidentally because he was trying to kill his own father by setting him on fire.

Alice and all of her students come to realization that Glenn Gregg will probably tot recover from his actions. Alice is saddened by this and also is in a realization that the professor she had an affair with will never love her back the way that she loves him. As Alice grows older, nobody in her life really believes the things that she tells them. She always told people about the burning accident and her love for her professor back in the day, but nobody ever believed her when she told them these things, nor did they really care.

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These moments in her life are her epiphany realizations, and she comes to a conclusion that “we are, all of us, alone. ” In the short story, “Revelation” by Flannels O’ Connors, the protagonist, Mrs.. Turnip, is a southern, Christian woman who believes that, since her and her husband are home and land owners, she is better than everyone else who is below her. The story takes place in a doctor’s office where her husband is there to get treated. Here she meets a “pleasant” lady with a pimple-faced daughter named Mary Grace. During Mrs.. Turnip and the “pleasant” lady conversation, Mary Grace gets angry with Mrs..

Turnip, throwing her college book at her face and choking her. Sedated, Mary Grace s taken away quickly. Mrs.. Turnip goes home immediately questioning why that ever happened in the first place, not knowing that Mary Grace thought she was a selfish, old woman, like everyone else. Everyone in town knew that Mrs.. Turnip thought she was better than everyone else, and they all gave her the dirtiest looks for it all of the time. Mrs.. Turnip went out to her black workers that very day trying to get some consolation. They, of course, told her that she did not deserve that and threatened to kill Mary Grace for her.

The only reason they were saying that to her is because they new if they would have agreed with Mary Grace for the things she did to Mrs.. Turnip, they would be out of work. Mrs.. Turnip had her epiphany moment when she realizes that the life she is living is not the right way to be. She is a Christian lady, yet she is not acting like it considering she is treating the “white trash” and the blacks not the same as she is. Just because there is a “proper order” doesn’t mean that she should treat others any differently. She comes too realization that she needs to reevaluate her life doings and try to become a better, Christian woman.

To pull out a parallel understanding from the two characters in these stories, one can say that nobody really believed in either of them. In Alice Convoy’s life, she realizes that she will never have the love of her life, and that no one will believe her when she told the story of Glenn Gregg as she grew older. In Mrs.. Turnip’s life, nobody believed in her that she would ever change. People whom she looked down upon would always think that she was a stubborn, stuck-up woman who will never see the light. When Mrs.. Turnip finally comes to realization in the doctor’s office, she knows she has to change the way she is living.

She was a Christian lady, definitely not living the Christian lifestyle. All of the people in “Get Well Soon” and “Revelation” doubted both of the main characters in these stories. As Alice grew older, all of her apparent “friends” doubted her stories. Why would a kid in the fourth grade try to kill his own father? Well what her friends didn’t know and Alice did, is that Glenn Gregg family had it rough. His own father would beat his entire family most likely until they could not see straight. This is why Glenn Gregg tried to burn his own ether, to get him to stop messing with his family.

But of course, Lice’s friends doubted her in every way possible. They also didn’t believe her when she told the story about her affair with her professor while she was in college. Alice loved the professor, more than she opted to. She knew that she could not be with him because he had a wife. On the other hand, Mrs.. Turnip’s life spirally went out of control the day in the doctor’s office. Instead of talking to Just anyone, she decided to pick the most “pleasant” lady in there who didn’t look like white trash. Mary Grace didn’t like Mrs..

Turnip because she knew how she was and she knew how she acted, thus why she ended up choking her in the doctor’s office. Everyone in town knew how Mrs.. Turnip acted though, not Just Mary Grace, and they probably all wanted to do what she did that day in the office, but Just did not have the guts. Everybody all around never believed in her, in fact they all thought she was Just a selfish old woman. But at the end of the story when she comes to her epiphany, she realizes that she needs to become a better woman and change things. Not surprisingly, at the end of “Revelation”, Mrs.. Turnip is saved by the forgiving grace of God.


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