Getting a Low GPA This Semester

Nevertheless I am not making any excuses and I accept responsibility on my performance. Normally a very diligent and hardworking student but due to a number of difficulties last semester did not do well enough on PSYCH 040. But rest assured that I have taken the necessary steps in overcoming those difficulties and I am very confident that I will do better and not fail again next semester and the ones after it. Several factors can be accounted for that contributed to my poor academic performance last semester. I feel that the accumulation of these problems made me lose focus and in turn resulted in my failure on one f the courses.

We recently moved houses in the middle of the semester and I am sure you can sympathies on the taxing effort it takes both physically and mentally in doing so. It was a very busy week and to cap that off had to adjust to the new surroundings as well as the routes of public transport. As someone living in the Gold Coast this affected my travel routines to the train station heavily. Have included a copy of the letter that the Australian Electoral Commission recently sent me to confirm my change of address on he electoral poll.

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Another factor was the heavy workload was doing at work last semester. I also need to leave for work earlier due to my new house being a bit further away now. Little factors such as feeling daunted due to a lengthy absence in nun and the task of readjusting again may also have contributed to my poor performance. Perhaps the biggest variable that I had difficulties in last semester was time management. I was a bit used to having no nun that I relish day offs and relax instead of studying.



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