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April 23, 2019 Religion

“Getting divorced just because you are not in love any more, is as silly as getting married just because you’re in love,” this simple yet meaningful quote by late Hungarian-American actress, Zsa Zsa Gabor, depicts the relation of getting divorced and a love-marriage being the source of it. It is already much known to all about the consequences of a divorce on the couple, their children, their families as well as the society. For this reason, many young adults are now opting for arranged marriages where their parents or other family members are usually the matchmaker. However, instead of the traditional type of arranged marriage, the contemporary version, “semi-arranged” marriages are being preferred more now. Just as shown in movies and books, semi-arranged marriages are like arranged marriages but with more time to meet and to know the person and eventually decide whether to marry that person or not. Also, none of the decisions are influenced in this type of marriage as the ultimate decision lies on the hands of the potential life partners. Since, a semi-arranged marriage takes place with the consent of the couple along with both the families, there is a significantly lower chance of getting a divorce afterwards due to some general reasons. Therefore, I believe that semi-arranged marriages naturally prevent divorces because the couple is from a similar background, have support from both of their families and both of them have lesser expectations on each other.

Firstly, same or similar backgrounds of a couple in semi-arranged marriages can lead to lower chances of getting divorced because of fewer adjustments required in that marriage. Similar backgrounds can mean that they have the same class, religion, wealth, ethnicity and a lot of other factors. Also, both the partners are more likely to have similar educational level and have almost the same level of earning, which might not lead them to compete against each other, rather help and understand each other in their professional lives. Similarly, having a similar culture and lifestyle can help to understand and respect each other’s values, morals, choices and habits. According to a survey published in an article in the Time magazine, incompatibility and money issues are the most common reasons for a divorce. Hence, due to high compatibility in semi-arranged marriages, none or very less adjustments are made by the partners in order to have a happy married life.
Secondly, support from families in semi-arranged marriages play a very crucial role in preventing a divorce. Any kind of severe argument that occurs due to any misunderstandings within the couple can be solved or mitigated by the help of both the families. Besides that fact that both of the families tend to welcome the new member warmly, it is also true that due to the mutual responsibility developed since the proposal of the marriage, the couple tends to take care and feel about each other’s parents and other family members just like they feel about their own. Moreover, in the future, the families take care of the couple’s children equally, which provides as a huge assistance to the couple specially if both of them are working. In this way, my brother and sister-in-law who are both working and studying, gets help from both their families in looking after their three year old son, making their lives a bit easier.

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Thirdly, the potential partners in semi-arranged marriages tend to face a lower pressure on both personal and marital level. In this case, the whole process of confusions of choosing the right proposals are usually conducted by the parents and family members through friends, matchmaking websites and advertisements, leading to lower personal pressure of searching for a suitable life-partner, for say, through dating apps. In addition, there is usually a lower amount of expectations amongst the partners after they get married. Since, the partners are likely to have met for a limited extent of time, they are much free of any kind of specific expectations which otherwise the partners involved in a love affair before marriage might bear amongst them. This will, accordingly, contribute to reduced clashes in their married life.

In short, divorces can be avoided in a semi-arranged marriage as the partners are likely to be from the same backgrounds, have all the support from families and face lower personal and marital pressure among each other. These are three major reasons why semi-arranged marriage is becoming a more popular choice among the young generation today. Therefore, semi-arranged marriage, where both the partners usually choose to be monogamous, is indeed a ticket to a stable and divorce-free married life.


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