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November 22, 2017 Health

Holistic Health Assessment. Gender: Female Mrs.. Cater Taming can communicate properly and very efficiently. She can speak fluently without any interruption with words and rhythm, in moderate velocity and without shortness of breath. She can respond without any confusion. She can manage daily activities herself and can recollect all recent activities (Lewis & Foley, 2011). Breathing. I found her breaths 14 per minute.

Adult normal breathing rate 12 to 20 per minute (Dempsey, Hilled & Hill, 2014). Compared with the standard, ere breathing is normal and healthy. Eye sight and hearing. Her vision is clear without any spectacles or contact lenses. Normal vision is 20/20 (Lewis & Foley, 2011). Compared with the normal range of visual acuity her vision is normal. She does not wear any device for hearing. Hearing capacity is normal. I found that she is able to hear a whisper at a distance of 35 centimeters.

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Integument: Her skin color is brown. Body temperature is 37 degree centigrade which is good compared with the standard body temperature and skin elasticity is normal upon palpation (Dempsey, Hilled & Hill, 2014). There is no sign of dehydration. I found that blood pressure is 140/90, compared with normal blood Pressure she is hypertensive (Dempsey, Hilled & Hill, 2014). But she is not under any medication. Her blood pressure is constant at this level and does not concern her. She probably should visit doctor.

Elimination: She excretes faces once a day normally in the morning around 1200 milliard stool, yellowish brown color with normal consistency and no discomfort during excretion. Urination is five times a day around three liter straw in color, no irritation during urination she does not have any discomfort during elimination of faces and Rene (Fob’s & watt, 2012). Diet and Nutrition. Height/ Weight She has healthy diet with balanced food. Her weight 70 kilogram and height is 1. 6 meter. Her body mass Index 27 indicates she is overweight. Normal body mass index is 25 (Maries & Hone, 2014).

Psychological What is the person’s sense of wellness? Mrs.. Tannin’s described herself as normally in good health. A good balance of health harmony between the physical, emotional, social and spiritual (Mimicry & Caledon, 2011). Coloratura Family, friends, and social support networks. She always has strong support from family members whenever she needs help. Participates in lots of social activities with her family and friends. She is a regular participant of a fitness centre. She is religious person that makes her more confident about life.

Environmental Living/work conditions. Living in a two storied house a beautiful location and easy to access all amenities. She worked as a full time dental nurse with a satisfactory environment and earned good money which contributes to health and wellness. Access to health services. Has good access to her health care provider. It takes only few a minutes to go there without any problem. All kinds of health services are available from that health provider. Identified Health risk factors. I found that there are some health risks factors such as obesity, hypertension.


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