Gilgamesh and Odysseus Essay

By July 17, 2017 General Studies

Odysseus chief challenge is to assist get the better of the Trojans in the conflict of the Trojan Equus caballus. All the work forces who survived the war and the sea were safely back at place. other than Odysseus. he still had a long journey in front of him. In the beginning of his journey. his challenge was brought upon him by the powerful God of the sea Poseidon. Poseidon became Odysseus enemy after a Cyclops held him and his crewmates captive. After get awaying the Cyclops. Odysseus blinded it with fire and his blade. The Cyclops was the boy of Poseidon. after stating his pa what happened Poseidon became full of fury and swore to Odysseus that he would pay for what he had done. and he would roll the seas for 10 old ages as his penalty. After go forthing the island of the Cyclops. Odysseus encountered Aeolus. who gave him a bag of air currents that would hold directed him back to Ithaca. However. one of the crewmembers was dying to see what was in the bag. that he opened the bag while Odysseus was kiping.

Sing that Odysseus was the lone 1 that was directed to open the bag this caused awful air currents to come out which blew the work forces farther off class. After many other challenges. at sea Odysseus ended up the lone subsister. A few yearss subsequently. he came to the island of the goddess Calypso ; she fell frantically in love with him. and held prisoner on her island for seven old ages. Upon that 7th twelvemonth things started to alter for Odysseus. Athena. girl of Zeus and Odysseus’ defender. discussed his destiny with the other Gods that who assembled in Zeus’ place. All of the Gods besides Poseidon sympathized with Odysseus. because of what he did to his boy. Zeus nevertheless told the God Hermes to state Calypso to allow him travel and give him a raft. nutrient. and vesture for his journey to Ithaca ; this did non settle will with Poseidon.

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Poseidon once more wrecked Odysseus’ raft and which led him to hold to swim to an island naked and exhausted. He woke with riant adult females around him. who took Odysseus to run into there parents. They subsequently found out who he was and his function in the Trojan war and helped him on his journey back place. A few more things that took topographic point in his journey back place. When Odysseus eventually got home back to Ithaca to be with his household he appreciated what he left behind even more. Odysseus when through many trials. all physically. mental. and emotional but he still survived and get the better of his hardships. A woman- a goddess formed Enkidu from clay. by the name of Aruru. A adult female ( Shamhat ) seduced Enkidu.

Gilgamesh sent Shamhat. the prostitute to Enkidu as a gift but Enkidu was excessively full of himself to understand the deepness and deductions of it. The intercourse was for six yearss and seven darks. Shamhat was purportedly helped Enkidu go a adult male and a civilised human being. They learned that the love of a adult female was valued above all others. In decision. the chief comparings between the journeys of Gilgamesh and The Odyssey were work forces confronting several tests and trials that adult females had been the chief cause of the jobs and challenges. In Gilgamesh. Enkidu had challenges from the goddess and in Odyssey ; Odysseus had challenges from the Gods and goddess.


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