Giving Louisiana a Future

January 5, 2017 Education

Louisiana is home to the infamous brain drain. This term is defined by the exodus of the state’s most educated to find more qualified jobs in other states. Since 2000, over 60,000 people have left the state for better job opportunities (Cenac 1). Louisiana was ranked forty-nine out of the fifty states as smartest states in 2002 (Quitno 1). This low ranking proves that education and technology growth are in the bottom percentages in the country. Keeping students in Louisiana from leaving the state to find appropriate jobs, creating new industries in the state, and promoting Louisiana as a business development location are the essential aspects that need to be addressed. Gubernatorial candidate Kathleen Blanco has approached this issue in her platform and has developed methods for solving these issues. Blanco supports the program Louisiana: Vision 2020, which consists of three goals that would sufficiently promote Louisiana as a business development location (Blanco 2). These goals go hand-in-hand with Blanco’s plans to stimulate business in the state in her platform for governor. Building a better foundation through education, increasing the technology industry, and promoting the state as a business development location are the basic goals of Blanco and her supported program.

Raising the bar on education in the state is the first goal Blanco has established. Starting at the high school level, Blanco calls for increasing math and reading competency skills (Louisiana 1). Business growth, governmental precision, and the quality of life will all improve with this demand of cooperation from all levels of order. The idea that each citizen should be accountable for obtaining an education will allow the individual to lead a comfortable lifestyle. Citizens should work with businesses to create knowledge and pursue the growth of the economy. Adequate skills should allow for business performances to compete with other states.

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