Global Stratification Essay

Please take one illustration of a 3rd universe state that was colonized ( like Jamaica ) and use one of the theories learned in this hebdomad ( i. e. universe system theory. neo-colonialism. civilization of poorness. etc. ) to analyse its economic conditions. Answers: North Korea is the lone state of socialistic type which didn’t take any stairss to alter its government in favour of democratic or market economic system during the 2nd portion of the twentieth century.

The state exists for more than half a century but the last 10 old ages it exists in the conditions of economic crisis because of economic isolation. North Korea is characterized by highly low GDP – less than 1000 dollars per capita. Therefore. the state is one of the Third World nations. The chief ground North Korea is a Third World state is that it is one of the fewer states which still pattern communism in the Earth. North Korea rejects capitalist economy and is closed from the remainder of the universe.

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Peoples are enduring. despite the fact that North Korea is considered the forth group of state in the World System Theory. When Communism was proved to be inefficient. the economic system of North Korea collapsed. Furthermore. North Korea keeps insulating itself from globalisation of capitalist economy ; its economic state of affairs will less likely to better. Apart from the natural drawbacks of the communism. Culture of Poverty besides plays its function in the declining state of affairs of North Korea.

Equally far as people in North Korea are so hapless that they didn’t even have plenty nutrient to devour. they would non take any hazards to take any stairss to better their lives. Besides. the effects of go againsting the governmental could be fatal. Therefore North Korea perpetuates poorness from one coevals to the following coevals. Meanwhile despite the hungriness and natural catastrophes the Korean system hasn’t “exploded” yet.



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