Globalization and its Effect on Economic Growth

It is the general consensus the universe over that globalisation has brought about an unprecedented detonation in the planetary economic system, particularly in emerging economic systems such as Asia. Although it has been argued that globalisation has given rise to some negative effects like development of labor, occupation insecurity, local industries being taken over by foreign multinationals, influence of multinationals on political/government determinations, and the eroding of local civilizations due to influx of foreign civilizations. However, the benefits of globalisation are legion and helpful to modern society. To day of the month, it has been the most successful anti-poverty and prosperity motion in modern history. The growing in the Asiatic economic system and the ensuing important betterments in the criterion of life are the best ways to exemplify that globalisation has more positive than negative effects on society ( The Balance of Economic Power, par. 1 ) . The betterment in the quality of merchandises due to planetary competition is a seeable and noteworthy positive consequence of globalisation. The services rendered to clients and the “ client is the male monarch ” attacks to production hold led to improved quality of merchandises and services. In order to last in the market, domestic companies have to contend out foreign competition, therefore are compelled to raise their criterions and client satisfaction degrees ( Kulkarni, par. 1 ) .

Harmonizing to Kulkarni, when a planetary trade name enters a new state, it comes in siting on some good will, which it has to populate up to ( 1 ) . This creates competition in the market and a “ endurance of the fittest ” state of affairs which besides translates to much lower monetary values for the consumer ( Schneider 4 ) . Domestic concerns are compelled to vie at a planetary degree. This causes efficiency in the market topographic point, leting the market to truly work and gives consumers a better advantage. Domestic concerns will no longer be able to corner markets because of the protection they get from politicians. They ‘ll now hold to vie with foreign concerns that may or may non be able to make concern more expeditiously ( Kulkarni, par. 1 ) . The spread of instruction is another powerful positive consequence of globalisation on both adult females and work forces. Today, the hunt for the best instruction and educational installations in the universe could be done without any hinderance. A individual life in China can travel to another continent for a new experience and besides larn some new classs which may non be available in the place state. One can besides get specialisation in topics autochthonal to a state and spread that cognition to the place state. An illustration is how American directors went to Japan to larn the best patterns in the field of mass production including the celebrated “ Entire Quality Management ” ( TQM ) technique and incorporated that cognition in their ain production units ( Kulkarni, par. 1 ) . Globalization has allowed developing states to partake in the know-how and inventions from the western universe. Without globalisation, no 1 will profit from the cognition of new innovations and medical specialties which would hold remained cooped up in the states that invented them. But due to improved political ties, there is a flow of information both ways. Economic and political cognition has spread far and broad due to the spread of know-how ( Davies 185-186 ) .

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A good illustration of the spread of cognition is the benefit of “ Yoga ” which the Western universe are encompassing today, while antibiotics from the West are deluging the Indian markets bettering the quality of life ( and the length of service excessively ) of people in India. The flow of foreign capital into India could besides be viewed as a positive consequence of globalisation. India has of tardily been an investing finish for a figure of foreign companies and has enjoyed a batch of direct investing from these companies that have started production units in India ( Rugman 590 ) , but what we besides need to see is the sum of Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI ) that flows into the underdeveloped states. Indian companies which have been executing good, both within India and abroad, will pull a batch of foreign investing, and therefore shore up the foreign exchange modesty available in India ( Rajan 8-13 ) . This can be seen as a positive consequence of globalisation even as developing states give the US and other developed states a good investing proposition thereby pulling more capital influxs ( Davies 186-187 ) . Globalization has paved manner for the entry of foreign companies into developing states thereby making employment for them. Most states tend to travel to market sectors that they are better at. The deduction is that, the labour in a state will be channelled towards what it is best at ( Brakman 64-65 ) . For illustration, Americans do non necessitate to travel into fabrication when it can be done better in China. Our labour is better served making something good. Hence, globalisation has opened up investing chances in emerging markets every bit good as pat up the endowments available in these markets. The deficit of capital in developing states has frequently impeded the growing of domestic companies and accordingly, employment. In this respect, due to the planetary nature of concerns, there is an addition in chance for people of developing states to be gainfully employed ( Wah 29-30 ) . Another favorable consequence of globalisation is the fact that the consumer turns out to be the existent victor. Because there are far more consumers than there are workers the desire by politicians to protect workers will non feasible. Consumers should non be forced into purchasing over priced goods from American Sellerss when you can acquire the same quality for less if it is made in China. Now consumers can acquire the best merchandises for the best monetary values ( Yang 23-31 ) . Globalization has besides facilitated prosperity. China and India are a good illustration. Before the coming of globalisation they were really hapless states and life criterions were highly low. Today, people from these states are going more comfortable and flush. Both states are sing mega economic roars. More people are able to afford a auto which they could non hold been able to. It is besides deserving adverting the fact that consumers are profiting from salvaging money which can be used to put or pass on other things ( Nash, par. 1 ) . As indicated in the Human Development Index ( HDI ) which measures human development in states based on three of import indices – Life anticipation, Education and Standard of life ( GDP ) , states like Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong and China have improved enormously in the last decennary certifying to the fact that globalisation has so aided the homo and economic development in Asia ( Haq, par. 1 ) . These are some of the positive effects of globalisation. It is so a motion that is, anti-poverty, pro-free trade and pro-prosperity. It is enabling the underdeveloped universe including Asia raise its criterion of life and turn their economic systems ( Johnstone, par. 1 ) . Projections into 2020 show that Asia is on its manner to going an economic giant on the universe domain. All these can be attributed to the positive effects of globalisation ( The Balance of Economic Power, par. 1 ) .



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