Globalization and its effects on IKEA


IKEA is founded in1943 by Ingvar kamprad. The international retail company for furniture and family goods has its ain repute in international market for better, lower monetary values and newly advanced designs. The IKEA group of has 313 shops around in 38 states most of them in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. And IKEA is besides known as the universe ‘s largest furniture retail merchant, specialising in fashionable and cheap designed furniture. IKEA had first-class supply concatenation direction and latest IT substructure.

Globalization is the system of interaction among the states of the universe in order to develop the economic system.

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The term globalisation has come to intend the manner in which the universe economic system is run and dominated by transnational corporations and international trade they tend to command. Source ( India conference on globalisation in Bangalore ) .

IKEA ‘s globalisation schemes and its reaching in Chinese furniture market. And in Nipponese market. The chief premise of ikea ‘s planetary scheme is that one design suit ‘s all. IKEA offers about 1200 points to the place supplying market in universe broad. It sold a broad scope of merchandises including furniture accoutrements, bathrooms, and kitchens. With these different types of merchandises of furniture IKEA entered in different parts of the universe. Across the Europe, Asia and Australia. Means IKEA entered in the biggest market of selected states, and in 2003 IKEA was on 43rd rank on a list of the top 100. And in Japan ikea Funabashi has overall proven itself to be succeful since its constitution in Japan in 2006. They know they are non suited themselves to obligatory cultural facets but, they believe that they are able to standardise their merchandises and to keep themselves to be particular they are so, called swedishness. And I believe that the another ground of their success in Japan that they do non confronted with any direct rivals. But I recommend IKEA need to concentrate more on PR and selling in order to keep a strong and fast mover company. And these could be the biggest advantage over other possible rivals in market.

IKEA had successful with its one design suits all planetary enlargement scheme in many different markets.

The first shop of IKEA in China was opened in 1998 and Chinese market is one of the most competitory markets in the universe. And when they entered in China they were confronted with several jobs of cultural and traditional. Ikea group besides had to alter two of the most necessary facets of its clip tested and proven of planetary scheme. The kernel of IKEA in turn uping their shops is normally it located in less expensive country. Because nevertheless people do non purchase the furniture daily so, why should they open their shop in busy countries and pay higher rents for the usage of topographic point. And they sale their furniture on do it yourself principle. But in this scheme they need a alteration. Because, ( DIY ) rule is non successful as others. if you as a company aid costumiers to acquire their merchandises ready to utilize.

Besides that the IKEA group claimed that it had decentralized most of its maps including HR and shop direction. In a affair of globalisation decentalisation plays a critical function. Because there is a chance to acquire a information about the market state of affairs from companies own beginning. And to do speedy determination company needs the information of twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours concern of entire market so, they can take an appropriate determination. If company ‘s top direction is centralized in taking determination and its lower degree is decentralized so, it could be helpful to the top direction in taking speedy determinations.

Ikea direction squad around the universe is truly good and particularly the pull offing manager of ikea in United Kingdom Mr. Goran nilson he is antic in his occupation and duty public presentation. The direction squad of is chiefly concentrate on apprehension of the human resource direction patterns and work civilization of a major furniture maker and retail merchant. And they appreciate the importance of the positive human resource direction and patterns in all the employees ‘ keeping direction. Even after this importance the company has some issues sing human resource and the direction squad is working on it to get the better of this job and company had some more issues sing the consequence of civilization on employee morale.

Ikea has a scheme and vision for company and its employees to assist many people to hold better life and people included employees, clients and community. And I think if IKEA supports the employees in their personal lives so the employees will go more committed in every public presentation of company. If company takes attention of their wants and needs merely.

IKEA is a planetary company that is developing quickly. An IKEA IT support helps IKEA in development with the aid of information flow and provides solutions to the company. The squad of IKEA IT supports is solution oriented and IT squad of IKEA is truly originative in nature and helpful in supplying in right and needed information. They supply the quick and right information in a really short span of clip. On the other side they support the selling and advertisement section of Ikea. And through these aid IKEA do certain determination which helps the company stableness and the determination are really of import because it affects the stakeholder and clients and employees and community every bit good.


In decision I would wish to show my position about the ikea rivals from different parts of the universe has a unique in qualities that are different from others that one can non disregard it that taking into consideration. Yet we think that a company has to happen a good balance between suitableness in merchandises in different markets and we as a company should cognize that what is best they think for themselves at a best monetary value. And we should be able to keep a quality singularity to prolong a competitory advantage over other rivals in different markets where the civilization is different.



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