Globalization Questionnaire Essay

August 25, 2017 Religion

Globalization is a displacement toward a more mutualist and incorporate universe economic system ( Hill. 2009 ) . The globalisation of markets and the globalisation of production are several factors of globalisation. Progresss in transit and telecommunications make it possible for concerns to make other states. National economic systems are unifying and material civilization looks the same no affair where an person is in the universe. Mercantilism. absolute advantage. comparative advantage. new trade theory. Heckscher-Ohlin. merchandise life-cycle. and national competitory advantage are all international trade theories.

Drivers of Globalization One driver of globalisation is the worsening trade and investing barriers. Many decennaries ago. rigorous barriers to international trade and direct foreign investing existed ( Hill. 2009 ) . The World Trade Organization ( WTO ) was established to assist states work together in an attempt to cut duties on industrial services. goods. and agribusiness. The other driver of globalisation is technological alteration. Progresss in information processing. transit. and the Internet have evolved since World War II ( Hill. 2009 ) . The microprocessor is the individual most of import invention in engineering.

Microprocessors encode. transmit. and decode information. The rapid enlargement of the Internet has become the information anchor of the planetary economic system ( 2009 ) . The Internet makes it easy for purchasers and Sellerss to carry on concern without holding to go forth their place or office. Transportation engineering has advanced with the development of containerization. superfreighters. and commercial jets. Commercial jets have reduced the clip it takes to acquire from one topographic point to another and containerization has lowered the cost of transporting goods around the universe.

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* Effectss of Globalization on Community The values and norms of an individual’s civilization are influenced by societal construction. linguistic communication. faith. and instruction. Class-conscious societies are characterized by low societal mobility and a high grade of stratification while less stratified societies are characterized by a low grade of stratification and high societal mobility. Language has spoken and mute dimensions and states with more than one linguistic communication have more than one civilization. Formal instruction is a manner persons are socialized into the values and norms of a society through learned accomplishments. Religion is a system of shared beliefs and rites.


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