Gluten formation is essential when making different types of dough

April 24, 2019 General Studies

Gluten formation is essential when making different types of dough. Investigate the functional and chemical properties of a flour based dough.
To be able to answer the food investigation task I will carry out background research into the ingredients used to make bread, particularly the types of flour that can be used.
Bread supplies a significant portion of nutrients required for growth. Bread is a good source of protein carbohydrate etc. Bread is made of whole meal or strong white flour so its take time to digest . But all breads are nutritious . Generally bread made with yeast , water and flour are baked at 400° to 425°.

Yeast is a single ceded fungi , yeast is so light enough to be blown by the wind. Its also on human skin and can be transferred by clean or dirty hands.
Kneading bread.
When you mix water with flour it makes gluten. Kneading the flour makes gluten and makes it elastic and stretchy.
While kneading the flour you can put some oil and flour on the surface to stop dough sticking, but this is not compulsory. Make it in a round shape it would be easy for you. If you are not used to of kneading it might take longer but normally it takes 10 min. stretch the dough as you knead it will makes it more elastic.

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