God Sees the Truth

August 8, 2017 General Studies

Essay “God sees the truth, but waits” Which kind of people can you never put all your trust on? Strangers. Why? Because, you don’t know their intensions. In “God sees the truth, but waits” by Leo Tolstoy; Aksyonof gets sent to jail, for a crime he didn’t commit. But, during this experience Aksyonof gets to know God, on his adventure to prison. In this story, the moral is that a stranger may have bad intensions that can harm you and the way he gets to know God through, loneliness and helplessness and finds salvation through him.

Aksyonof, gets sent to prison for something he didn’t do. As Aksyonof returns, from visiting his parents, his wife had a bad dream about him. She dreamt that Aksyonof had returned from a town, and when he took his cap off, she saw gray hair. Even though, they didn’t know what it meant, Aksyonof laughed. They continue this journey passed dawn. A police officer stops Aksyonof and his wife and starts asking them question, about a crime that had happened the night before.

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He starts searching through all their bags but, they saw a knife full of blood in his bag. He couldn’t explain why or how it was there. So as they had some proof, they sent him to jail. Aksyonof meets Makar, a stranger, that was in prison and he was the one who had been the thief that night. His wife didn’t know what say, she was totally confused because of the dream she had. It was completely odd, for this to happen. Trust was off, between his wife and Aksyonof, but he knew that he was an innocent man.

He gave up all hopes, and prayed to the only person who knew the truth, God. Later, he met Makar, a man who had been put in jail, for stealing. Makar listens to all the story of why Aksyonof was put in jail. He knew of what had happen that night, because Makar was the killer. Makar gave some advice to Aksyonof, as he gave this advice; he knew that Makar had been the killer from that night. Aksyonof was so angry that he couldn’t forgive him.

That is where he realizes the you can’t put all your trust in strangers because you might not know what, type of persons they are; like what happened to Aksyonof. Put all your trust on the ones you know, on God or on your true friends (some stranger can have bad thoughts, and do anything to you, or to your family). They don’t know what they are doing, because they have no help, from friends nor from family nor from God. You can always count on family, friends, or God, because they know you from heart. Always say the truth, because somehow, someone will take it out.


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