Gods Must Be Crazy

REACTION about “The Gods must be crazy” When I watched the movie clip, I saw the difference between the ethnic group/ Bushman and civilized people. In the beginning the clip shows us that at the time of the Bushman, all was simple, dainty and fair. There is no sign of evil (jealousy, anger, etc. ,). They live contentedly with their so-called “home”. They know a lot of things regarding their natural environment, all of which they use in their daily lives. There is no boss or ruler within their family.

Bushman’s main difference with the other races on earth is that they don’t have a sense of ownership at all. They pretty much believe that everything they have is given by the Gods. On the other hand, we, civilized people have a very much different life with them. Civilized men make the environment adapt to him. So man created cities, roads, machines and other technologies to lessen or make our work easier. The more we make our lives easier, the more we make our lives convoluted. And people have to adjust with this complex habitat they live in to.

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Now, we could see the consequences we’re getting from what we did just to improve our lives. People nowadays are not satisfied with the things God have given us. If I could only choose to live with the tribe, I would. Because right at that time, life is way simpler and more normal. You don’t even have to think about complicated things such as you’re studies. And it’s so funny on how just a bottle of “coke” made the tribe unhappy, thinking that it was sent by the Gods and called it “the evil thing”. The “coke” represents the only exposure of the tribe have of the Western culture.

Xi wanted to keep peace in the village, he’s assigned to take the bottle to “the end of the earth” (actually a lush valley) and throw it back to the gods. For me, the coming of civilized people gives us highly problematic social changes. I believe that it is a send-up of so-called civilization and a condemnation of racism with Xi as the hero. Xi’s life is portrayed as the norm, while the Westerners are portrayed as strange. The film’s progression from documentary style to comedy to the fantastical ending reveals its allegorical point.



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