Good Country People Essay

August 7, 2017 Medical

In Flannery O’Connor’s short narrative “Good Country People. ” Hulga’s haughtiness. resentment. and rebelliousness contribute to her inability to acquire along with others. Her superior attitude and atheist set combine to do Hulga a individual with few delivering qualities but an easy mark for misrepresentation disguised behind a simple head. It is Hulga’s haughtiness towards other less educated than she. in the terminal. which prevents her from seeing through the fraud of a dishonorable adult male. Hulga’s haughtiness is displayed from the beginning of “Good Country People” .

Her mother’s tenant household. the Freemans. hold a brace of girls. Although Glynese and Carramae are “two of the nicest misss she knew” ( page 165 ) harmonizing to Mrs. Hopewell. Hulga refers them to by the derogatory monikers of Glycerin and Caramel since she clearly thinks herself intellectually superior. Hulga has a doctorate grade from a university and frequently reminds her female parent that were it non been for her bosom jobs “she would be far from these ruddy hills and good state people” ( page 168 ) which she considers far beneath her.

In fact. Hulga wants nil to make with her low milieus. declaring that she doesn’t like animate beings or things in nature or even immature work forces. who blatantly display their general stupidity. O’Connor sets up this description of Hulga to bode the character’s reaction when she meets Manley Pointer and “thinks of it as a great joke” ( page 173 ) upon holding to run into him for a field day. Mrs.

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Hopewell’s physical description of her girl as “constant outrage…obliterated every look from her face” ( page 166 ) clearly demonstrates the consequence of Hulga’s acrimonious attitude and she invariably reminds the miss her face would be much more attractive with a smiling. While her female parent feels obligated to care for the miss after the unfortunate accident which took her leg. Hulga has rescinded her belief in God and does non let Mrs. Hopewell to maintain a bible in the parlour.

She is impenitent and grim in her resentment. Hulga has lost so much of her life to this quality and the menace of her medical status that she feels compelled to lie to Manley Pointer about her age. stating him she is 17 alternatively of the 32 old ages she’s really lived. Hulga is rebellious against the society of which she disapproves every bit good as her ain female parent. She looks down on Mrs. Hopewell and her desire to happen “good state people” ( page 166 ) with which to tie in.

Impressed to walk the Fieldss with her female parent. Hulga manages to do it every bit uncomfortable as possible with “remarks…so ugly and her face so glum” . Hulga smugly responds that that she is simply being herself and this is what her female parent gets for inquiring her to come along. Hulga feels triumphant in lawfully altering her name into one so ugly that “her female parent had non been able to turn her dust into Joy” ( page 167 ) . She continues to arise against convention. thirstily attach toing Manley Pointer for a rare chance to talk with him sing what she feels are philosophical topics.

Of class it is this defiance that allows him to take advantage of her. Hulga and her average spirit. haughtiness. resentment and defiance are the perfect combination to be brought down by a simple con adult male who need do nil more than demo a spot of involvement in the recluse miss. Through O’Connor’s word picture the writer retells the lesson of the legendary tortoise and hare and reminds the reader of the booby traps of haughtiness.


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