Good follow the rule of law, effective

Good governance entails sound public sector management (efficiency, effectiveness and economy), accountability, exchange and free flow of information (transparency) and a legal framework for development (justice, respect for human rights and liberties.

Is there a framework of good governance in your institution? No
Proposed framework for the department.

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At present, the agency has no framework specific to Good Governance but already practicing Transparency, Citizen’s Charter, PhilGEPS and FOI Manual. This framework is just simple yet contains the characteristics of good governance which is accountable, transparent, follow the rule of law, effective and efficient, and participatory.
Openness, Transparency and Integrity
Transparency is important to eradicate corruption in the government. Transparent government means honest government. The availability of information to the general public and clarity about government rules, regulations and decisions are important. Openness means not hiding anything to citizens, not engaging in shady deals or not making imaginative decisions. Integrity is essential in determining trust and strengthened the credibility and legitimacy of those involved in policy decision making, safeguarding the public interest and restoring confidence in the policy making process.  
Effective collaboration with other agencies will result in a more educated, skilled and greater workforce, which leads to greater productivity and that feeling of being a part of a larger family, which all have the same interests.
Performance Orientation To achieve good governance, we must have willingness to work hard and has motivation in performing its duty.



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