Good Man Os Hard To Find By

August 30, 2018 General Studies

O`Connor Essay, Research Paper

In “ A Good Man is Difficult to Find, ” by Flannery O? Connor, one is struck

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by the unexpected force at the terminal of the narrative. However, if one re-reads the

narrative as 2nd clip, one will see definite marks of prefiguration of the

stoping. In the class of this narrative, O? Connor uses strong imagination to

bode the people and the events in this narrative. There are three important

times she uses this technique. They are the description of the grandma? s

frock, the decease of the household, and the conversation between the Misfit and the

grandma. The grandma did non desire to travel to Florida ; she ironically

frocks in her Sunday best. She was dressed really nicely with, “ A navy blue

frock with a little white point in the print. Her neckbands and turnups were white

organdie trimmed with lacing and at her neckline she had pinned a violet spray of

cloth violets incorporating a sachet. ” ( 11 ) . A strong prefiguration imagination

can be seen in these lines. Knowing the stoping of the narrative, the grandma? s

luxuriant frock symbolizes a readying for her casket. When a individual dies,

they are normally dressed in their best outfit, merely like the grandma was

dressed in what seemed to be in her Sunday best. A stronger prefiguration is

when O? Connor states the ground for the grandma? s beautiful frock,

“ In instance of an accident, anyone seeing her dead on the main road would cognize

at one time that she was a lady. ” ( 11 ) . She herself predicts her ain decease.

Unfortunately, she does non cognize this yet. Not merely does O? Connor foreshadow

the grandma? s decease, she foreshadows the deceases of the remainder of the household.

The prefiguration of the household? s decease is really apparent when they “ passed

by a

cotton field with five or six Gravess fenced in the center of it, like a

little island. ” ( 12 ) . It is non an accident that the Numberss of Gravess

“ five or six ” matches the exact figure of people in the auto. There are

5 people and a babe. Since a babe in non precisely a full individual, it is

appropriate to state “ five or six. ” This adumbrative image leads into

the following 1: “ Look at the grave! ” the grandma said, indicating it

out. “ That was the old household burying land. That belonged to the

plantation. ” “ Where? s the plantation? John Wesley asked. “ Gone

With the Wind, ” said grandma. ” “ Ha. Ha. ” ( 12 ) . The

grandma? s mention to the plantation as “ gone with the air current ”

can be seen as an image prefiguration and symbolism of the household? s province at

the terminal of the narrative. Their psyches are “ gone with the air current ” in decease.

Finally, a adumbrative image is shown in the Misfit and the grandma? s

conversation towards the terminal. He says “ Does it look right to you, lady,

that one is punished a pile and another ain? T punished at all? ” ( 28 ) . It

is known here that the Misfit will kill the grandma. After all she “ ain? T

punished ” for her offense of lip service, self-centerness, and lying. The

Misfit plays God and inflicts penalty where he sees necessary. In decision,

Flannery O? Connor uses strong imagination to bode the stoping of “ A Good

Man is Difficult to Find. ” She uses legion images such as the grandma? s

frock, the cemetery, and the conversation with the Misfit to bode the

character? s hereafter and events. Her prefiguration images are both strong and

hard, so it does non botch the terminal of the narrative.


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