Gospel of John vs Synoptics Essay

September 3, 2017 Communication

Matthew. Mark. Luke. and John are the first four books of the New Testament. These are besides called the “Gospels. ” and they contain a elaborate narrative of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. However. upon reading the four books. one will detect that there are important differences between the books’ contents. While Matthew. Mark. and Luke agree on many inside informations. the Gospel of John differs from them. The first three books are the Synoptic Gospels. They are called such because they have many things in common. such as events or inside informations. linguistic communication. and paragraph constructions.

However. these are non the lone things which make them similar. Harmonizing to research workers. the possibility exists that one or all of the Gospel authors used other Synoptics for their beginning stuff. The Gospel of John. on the other manus. is different from the three. Therefore. it is non a Synoptic Gospel. The ground behind the differences in John’s histories from the Synoptics is because he he wants to supply another point of position to the events environing Jesus Christ ( Conte ) . In add-on. these differences lie in the fact that some stuffs appear in the Gospel of John but non in the Synoptics and frailty versa.

Perceptibly. the Gospel of John contains a prologue but non in the Synoptics. It besides contains a narration of Jesus Christ’s childhood. whereas the Synoptics do non include babyhood narrative. “Signs” have besides been discussed in John 2. and these started with the nuptials at Cana ( Just ) . These “signs” encouraged the people to follow Jesus. harmonizing to John ( Neyrey 117 ) . Another stuff losing from Synoptic gospelss but is included in the Gospel of John is the duologue with Nicodemus. which can be found from selected poetries of Chapters 2 and 3 of John ( Just ) .

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Differences can besides be seen from the histories of baptism. From the Gospel of John. it says that Jesus and his adherents baptized people. However. from the Synoptics. there are no histories attesting that Jesus was baptized. In add-on. there are events that occurred in the Gospel of John but are non recorded in the Synoptics. In the same manner. there are events merely found in the Synoptics. For case. the Gospel of John contains inside informations of the Samaritan adult female that Jesus met. He besides healed a ill adult male near the pool of Bethesda.

Other events include the eating of the 5. 000 people. mending a unsighted adult male. raising Lazarus from the dead. and the lavation of the pess of the adherents ( Just ) . These events did non look in the Synoptics. There are besides other stuffs that do non look in the Synoptics. For case. they lack the childhood episodes that are present in the Gospel of John. In add-on. the Synoptics do non hold inside informations about the enticement in the desert. or inside informations about the discourse on the Mount. The Synoptics farther lack the Lord’s supplication. or the list of the names of the adherents.

Another obvious inside informations losing from the Synoptics are the fables and the ethical instructions. The Synoptics farther lack the anticipations about Jesus’ return and the inside informations about his Ascension ( Just ) . Furthermore. the events that John recorded took topographic point during the Passover. or the banquet of staff of life ( Neyrey 117 ) . and the ministry of Jesus screens three Passovers. However. the Synoptics acknowledge that Jesus’ ministry stopping points for a twelvemonth ( Just ) . The differences can besides be seen at John’s histories of the eating of a big crowd. His histories tell that “Jesus asks the adherents about feeding the crowds.

” In the Synoptics. it says that the adherents approach Jesus and “ask Him to direct the crowds off. ” In add-on. the Synoptics claim that Jesus orders his adherents to give the people nutrient to eat. which they did. On the other manus. John claims that it is Jesus who distributed the staff of life to the people. Besides. the Synoptics do non advert names of the adherents. The Gospel of John. nevertheless. references Philip and Andrew ( Neyrey 117 ) . Other outstanding differences are seen on other inside informations. Whereas the Synoptics discuss the dogma “Love your neighbors/enemies. ” the Gospel of John emphasizes the importance of loving one another.

The Synoptics besides believe that the future eschatology. or the fate of the humanity. is the coming of God’s kingdom. On the other manus. the Gospel of John believes that the ageless life is already upon world. Jesus besides visits Jerusalem in many occasions. as told in the Gospel of John. but the Synoptics merely acknowledge one journey ( Just ) . Aside from these. the differences are obvious from smaller inside informations. such as the claim of the Synoptics that John is “Elijah” who preaches about penitence. The Gospel of John claims John to be the baptizer and besides a informant to Jesus Christ.

It is besides obvious from the Synoptics that the ministry of Jesus started after John the Baptist is arrested. The Gospel of John shows that the ministry of Jesus convergences with that of John’s. Furthermore. there is a difference in the histories of the first adherents of Jesus. The first three books claim that the first adherents of Jesus are Simon Andrew. James and John. However. John’s accounts claim that there are five individuals who became Jesus’ first adherents. viz. Andrew. an nameless individual. Simon Peter. Philip. and Nathanael ( Just ) .

There are still other differences from inside informations. For case. the Synoptics Tell of an anon. adult female anointing Jesus at Bethany. and this is objected by anon. people. The Gospel of John claims that Jesus is anointed at Bethany by Mary. Lazarus’ siste. which was objected by Judas Iscariot. There are besides differences from histories near Jesus’ decease. The Synoptics tell about Jesus being in Gethsemane to pray where he was betrayed by Judas with a buss. The Gospel of John Tells that Jesus is in a garden in Cedron. and He identifies himself to the work forces who arrived to collar Him.

It is besides interesting to observe that the clip of the crucifixion from the Synoptics’ histories is at nine in the forenoon during the Day of Passover. By three in the afternoon He dies. But John claims that Jesus is condemned to decease before the Passover ; and when He is crucified. He dies rapidly ( Just ) . Upon closer reading of the Synoptics and the Gospel of John. one will detect other differences between their histories that are non listed in this paper. Possibly these differences would be dependent on the apprehension of each reader.

But these differences are meant to supply people with other angles and point of position of all the events that took topographic point during Jesus’ clip. Works Cited Conte. Ronald L. 2005. “The Writing of the Gospels – Relationship between the Synoptics. ” Catholic Planet. 26 June 2009 & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. catholicplanet. com/TSM/NT-synoptics. htm & gt ; . Just. Felix. 2006. “Contrasts Between John and the Synoptics. ” 25 June 2009 & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //catholic-resources. org/John/Synoptic-Differences. htm & gt ; . Neyrey. Jerome H. The Gospel of John. United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press. 2007.


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