gothic literature

December 10, 2016 General Studies

~In each of the texts “Dracula-, “Alien- and “Frankenstein- there is a loss of innocence, which occurs. In Frankenstein Victor has an innocent ambition to obtain knowledge. Victor yearns to discover what others have yet to even contemplate, the creation of artificial life. Victor’s ambition soon turns to an obsession. From this knowledge he gained the ability to create life an in turn forms what he calls a monster. Frankenstein after realising the results of his work abandons his creation. Throughout the story the monster grows a strong hate for humans and has revenge on his creator by killing all those close to him, his brother, his wife and their maid who was a close friend of his wife. Victor’s does not contemplate the consequences of his creation therefore taking the lives of innocents.

~Within Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Dracula desires to create other like him to erase the feeling of alienation which he felt, and by creating others like him wants to take over the world with his kind. To achieve this Dracula must take the lives of innocents. He first takes Lucy’s innocence by transforming her into a raving vampire vixen. Dracula almost succeeds in taking Mina’s innocence by seducing her.

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~Kane enters the egg chamber; he is penetrated and impregnated by an alien creature. The alien takes Kane’s innocent life to produce more of his kind. Kane enters the ship innocent only to give “birth- to a monster that tries to take over his crewmembers.

~Victor and Dracula’s ambition are that of equal significance with the alien in “Alien-. The “Alien- and “Dracula- both strive for domination to take over the world and to become the almighty. The Alien and Dracula must take the lives of innocent humans to reproduce both are so determined that nothing can stand in their way of obtaining power. It is because of their alienation and being the only one of a kind that they try to create others like themselves.


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