Government Comparisons Matrix

May 11, 2018 Commerce

?University of Phoenix Material Government Comparisons Matrix Based on the readings from State and Local Government, review and summarize how each issue is managed at the state and local levels. Write 50 to 70 words for each response. State Local Federal How these entities cooperate General Responsibilities Policies or Laws Elections and Voting Term Limits Administration Correctional Facilities Education Welfare Health Care Environmental Policy Write 350 to 700 words on how local, state, and federal governments cooperate on one of the issues in the table: . Contracts Administration Unit

The Local Government and Infrastructure Contracts and Administration Unit (CAU) manages contracts from the point of execution through project completion, closeout and loan repayments for the following Commerce infrastructure programs: · Community Development Block Grant and CDBG-ARRA · Community Economic Revitalization Board · Drinking Water State Revolving Fund and DWSRF-ARRA · Public Works Board · Water System Acquisition and Rehabilitation Program · Energy ARRA · Neighborhood Stabilization Program

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CAU manages over 600 planning and construction loans or grant contracts and has billed and accounted for over 1,700 loan repayments. Multiple-funded construction projects are assigned to staff by regions, resulting in improved coordination and customer service. For more information contact Mark Barkley at mark. [email protected] wa. gov or 360. 725. 3022. Growth Management Services Growth Management Services (GMS) assists and guides local governments, state agencies, and others to manage growth and development consistent with the Growth Management Act (GMA).

The Growth Management Act was adopted to address how to accommodate a population increase of about 20% per decade. The Act requires that the largest and fastest-growing cities and counties complete comprehensive plans and development regulations to guide future growth. All jurisdictions are required to protect critical environmental areas and conserve natural resource lands, such as farms and forests. The GMA calls for communities to review and revise their plans and regulations every eight years to ensure they remain current.

Growth Management Services assists cities and counties as they create plans, regulations, and permit systems that enable them to grow and prosper in balance with their natural and financial resources. Whether a community is responding to the pressures of rapid urbanization or working to stimulate a weak economy, managing growth can help provide land for growth, infrastructure, commercially important natural resources, environmental protection, affordable housing, economic opportunities, property rights, and quality-of-life amenities.


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