Grade Average vs Drivers Lisence

June 26, 2018 Management

Some people are skeptic on this decision and believe that it is unfair for a teenage to maintain a “C” average to receive a driver’s license. I personally disagree with this statement and think it would improve the well-being of most teenagers. There are several reasons why having the incentive of being allowed to legally drive is a good thing.

Students will become more responsible, they will get a good insurance policy, and it will make teenagers more grateful for the things we often take for granted. Learning responsibility at a young age will help these young adults to prepare for adulthood. Being a responsible student goes hand-in-hand with being a responsible driver. A teenager with good grades is usually good with time management and keeping other responsibilities in line.

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If a young driver is worried about an upcoming test or a report they did not finish, their full attention will not be on the road and their surroundings. This will make them a danger to the other car they are sharing the road with. Also, several insurance companies offer policies that are based off of a student’s grade. They believe that student’s grades are a reflection on the type of person you are. They believe that if a teenage does not care about their grades they will not care about the safety of others on the road and therefore insurances will not give them this support.

If a they are a straight “A” and “B” student, they are more aware of the things that they are asked to do and are responsible enough to do so. Finally, taking things for granted seems to be a serious issue with teenagers these days. Young adults are just given their licenses with close to no restrictions. An age limit is the main thing that can keep them from getting a license. If teenagers were told that they could not receive the privilege of driving on their own, teen would try harder in school and in their personal lives.

Teenagers all want to know that they are free to go wherever they want, whenever they want. There should be boundary lines that call for teens to do specific things, like keep an above “C” grade average. If a license is something they had to work for they will take it a lot more seriously. In conclusion, the dispute of whether or not teens should be should be required to keep a “C” grade average before receiving a driver’s license, is a good decision.

Even though many people would disagree, I would still say this statement would improve young adults in quite a few ways. The motivation of being free on the roads is enough to make students more responsible for grades. They will also have a greater chance of getting a good insurance, and it will make teenagers more grateful for having a license. I believe it should be necessary for young drivers to have an above “C” grade average to receive a license.


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