Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended -Late Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen “A

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Great dreams of great dreamers are always transcended
-Late Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen “A. P. J.” Abdul Kalam

My journey of last 20 years has been challenging and it has taught me a lot about my deep seated interests for innovation and further analysis of so far established knowledge. I feel blessed that pursuit of knowledge mixed with inputs from family, teachers and surroundings, has propelled me to constantly dream and work towards new frontiers so that I may be of any use in making the world a better place to live in for humanity at large. Holding a consistent excellent academic record throughout the career in a competitive ambience coupled with unwavering desire to excel through deeper learning, give me the platform and motivation for pursuing MS studies.
My Grandfathers’ motivational inputs while growing up pushed us for logical analysis and questioning. I recall my early fascination with toys; their design, superstructure and mechanics. I tried various permutations and combinations to resolve when they either lost their shine/gloss or failed to function. This inner craving led me to select Mechanical Engineering as undergraduate course. Through the exposure that I got these three years of grueling theoretical, practical and most importantly, underlying cognitive science of my subject, the longstanding interest in applied learning has grown bigger today. The automobile garage, abreast of my residence generated sounds of roarin g cars, d dust smattering always vexed me. I always had an urge to study those sound producing engineering processes. The low productivity of laborers and consequent condition of low remuneration, in spite of their hard work, made me thoughtful. This further motivates me to work on new ways to improve their efficiency and effectiveness by use of appropriate materials, machine tools and processes.

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Difficulties in machining of composite materials have become a major issue in recent years since their extensive use in aerospace and automobile industry. Problems of delamination, splintering, surfeit cutting temperatures, tool wear are of major concern that makes the machining ineffective. This necessitates the use of high quality machine tools; for example Tungsten Carbide, Polycrystalline diamonds (PCD) etc.. As these cutting tools are quite expensive, machining cost significantly increases. Thus to economize the process, low cost tool such as High Speed Steel (HSS), carbon and alloy Steel, cemented carbides plated with a suitable hard, wear and corrosion resistant surface coating can be employed to improve functioning and increased tool life. During my B.Tech thesis, I worked on the autocatalytic process for developing thin film coatings of hard and wear resistant nickel binary and ternary alloys over the HHS drill bits of different sizes. Drilling performance of the coated tools were evaluated and compared to that of commonly used tungsten carbide. The results found were almost similar in both the cases, making it technically as well as economically suitable for the possible replacement in the aerospace industries. I have learnt from my research that factors such as coating composition and heat-treatment parameters could play a vital role in optimizing tool’s overall potential. So, use of nickel alloy coatings for cutting tool applications creates a future scope for improving the machining efficiency and can result in minimizing the extremely escalating cost with better structural reliability and assembly needs. I wish to further explore the possibilities of using various other composite coatings that can meet the major technological demands.
The above mentioned area of Material Science and Engineering is my primary field of interest for graduate studies where conservation of energy, material, environment, need for product safety, productivity and economics will be extremely important. In addition, I am also willing to specialize in surface coatings & any other relevant topic such as biomedical coatings for orthopedic and dental implants applications, electroless nickel plated reflected mirrors for space and ground based telescopes, mechanical behavior of bimetallic welds, mechanical deformation of nanocrystalline metal and alloys, development of nickel polyalloys for lead-free solder joints, environmental protective coatings, industrial vitrification processes, which are very challenging & attractive and wish to pursue it during my PhD.
I secured first class with distinction in matriculation and intermediate grades and made it to prominent National Institute of India Raipur for my bachelor course. The outstanding undergraduate program not only provided me with strong foundation of mechanical engineering fundamentals but also exposed me to its various applications. I completed five semestersof my B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) with a 8.41 CGPA and ranked among top 20 students in my department.

In my second year of college, I along with my team participated in the intercollegiate automotive national competition of QUAD TORC organized by ISNEE. We did a complete top to bottom designing, analysis and manufacturing of the ‘All terrain vehicle’ (ATV) for endurance race and other static and dynamic events. I did the complete design and analysis of the vehicle’s powertrain system . Our team ‘NIT Raipur’ was one of the finalists in QUAD TORC 2017 and secured overall 3rd rank among the teams from across the country. This exposure helped me to acquire team skills, sharing and articulation of views/ideas, project execution within stipulated time-frame, undertaking innovative research process etc.

In 2nd year, for my summer internship, I was one of the chosen 20 candidates from all over India for the Undergraduate Research ; Innovation program to carry out extensive research work at prestigious Bhilai Steel plant . My research work was on “Advance gear ” under the inspiring guidance of esteemed ‘Dr. Rahul Chhibber’, senior manager at IIT. We collaboratively performed the fabrication and developed a methodology for mechanical characterization of bimetallic welds and also analyzed its microstructural and compositional behavior. This internship gave me a significant insight to research processes and valuable knowledge in the related field.

In my final year, I got the opportunity to work in prestigious CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), Bangalore for my B.Tech thesis. My work involved “Preparation, characterization and performance evaluation of Nanocrystalline Electroless Nickel Alloy coated drill bits in machining carbon composites” under the mentorship of Principal Scientist “Dr. J. N. Balaraju” in Surface Engineering Division. It was one of the most challenging projects in my bachelor course. At the end of the thesis work, I proposed a futuristic scope of modification for more effective system of the concerned process which was recognized by my guide and the HOD and is being worked on further to establish its feasibility. Consequently, I was selected to work as a full time Project Engineer in NAL.

I joined NAL in July 2013 and worked on several aspects of Electroless Nickel alloy coatings which include nanoindentation modeling, tribology, hardness behavior and other various composite coatings for cutting tool application in aerospace sector for about 9 months. I also worked on “Nickel-Thallium-Boron (NTB) coatings according to AMS 2433 standards”, used by the Honeywell Corporation, for aerospace applications. On successful completion of the project term at CSIR-NAL, I got the wonderful opportunity to work for LIGO India project at Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), Gandhinagar as “Engineer (Project)” wherein my latest work relates to Outgassing characteristics of Stainless Steel (SS) in Ultra-High-Vacuum (UHV) beam tube chambers. I also worked on the two-phase flow induced vibration in 80K LN2 cryopump in regard to LIGO requirements.

Application of undergraduate learning while working in CSIR-NAL ; IPR and opportunities to attend various seminar/workshops/conferences sharpened my understanding of intricacies of material science. As a result I have been able to express my thought in writing research papers, which thankfully got published in journals of repute. A review article on “Hydrogen in stainless steel as a killing agent – A Review”, myself being a co-author, has recently been published in Material Today: Proceedings journal of Elsevier.

Although my undergraduate education, involvement in the different projects and research activities together with my professional research experiences of almost 2 years and 3 months in prestigious CSIR-NAL and IPR, have endowed me with strong groundwork in my areas of interest but high-quality graduate course is crucial for deeper understanding of these fields. The graduate program at UNIVERSITY NAME exactly suits my interests. I also feel that studying at UNIVERSITY NAME will provide me with the best of expertise in advance material processing and characterization etc. UNIVERSITY NAME has an extraordinary faculty and research facilities that would allow me to further improve my research aptitude and prowess. I feel confident that my grounding will stand the test of time during my pursuit of MS/PhD Program. It would be a blessing if provided with an opportunity to work and deliver with studentship in your prestigious institution.


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