Great Gatsby Is Story Of Tragic Love

October 6, 2017 General Studies

It is the American dream, and the thought of it that pushes the characters, more so, Jay Gatsby, the titled character and supporter. Jay Gatsby is symbolic of the American dream and its corruptness. Jay Gatsby is seen as guiltless, optimistic and hopeful. He was born hapless, and as such despised it. He yearned for the American dream and what it represented. It can be said so, that he loved Daisy, non for who she was, but what she represented in his eyes. He fell in love with Daisy ‘s life. He was fascinated with her universe, her life style, her grace and her appeal, “ It excited him, excessively, that many work forces had already loved Daisy — it increased her value in his eyes. ” ( Chapter 8 )

The green visible radiation on Daisy ‘s dock can be used as an illustration for his yearning, as he spends hours staring at it “ a individual green visible radiation, minute and faraway, that might hold been the terminal of a dock. ” ( Chapter 1, Page 22 ) . The green visible radiation is symbolic of Gatsby ‘s yearning for the American dream, the colour could besides stand for dollar measures, capital, which is another appealing facet of the American dream.

‘ ” Her voice is full of money, ” he said all of a sudden.

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That was it. I ‘d ne’er understood before. It was full of money – that was the unlimited appeal that rose and fell in it, the jangle of it, the cymbals ‘ vocal of it… high in a white castle the male monarch ‘s girl, the aureate miss. ( Page 120, Chapter7 ) ‘

It is in Daisy ‘s character that we see what went incorrect with the American dream, its corruptness, so to talk. In Gatsby ‘s head, Daisy is seen as flawlessness, but though she is graceful and charming, she is besides, selfish, hurtful and shallow, this is seen in the novel by her prevarication, cheating, and go forthing Gatsby to take the incrimination for her murdering Tom ‘s kept woman. In a sense, Gatsby ‘s quest for the American dream is doomed, as his devotedness for Daisy is misguided as she can non carry through the function and outlooks placed upon her by him.

Another symbol used in the novel to stand for the decomposition of the American dream is the “ Valley of Ashes ” . This is symbolic as it represents the lost hopes and the moral and societal decay of the period. This consequences from the chase of wealth, the American dream. Whereas at one clip the American dream was coincident with assorted ideals of freedom, the novel shows how it became equated with material objects. Jay Gatsby represents this alteration really good as he flaunts the things he has in an effort to “ win ” Daisy over. The writer shows us the hollowness of the upper-class through the representation of ‘old money ‘ versus ‘new money ‘

Motifs are another device used by the writer to develop the subject throughout the novel. This brings us to the usage of geographics as a motive. The writer uses topographic points to typify assorted facets of the epoch. East Egg represents ‘old money ‘ , West Egg new money while The Valley of Ashes represents the autumn of the morality of the American dream and society. The new rich is portrayed by the writer as lacking is societal graces, pretentious and base, Gatsby is a perfect illustration as he lives in a freak of a sign of the zodiac, drives a axial rotations Royce and wears a pink suit. in contrast the old nobility is seen as graceful, tasteful, possess nuance. Gatsby is the prototype of the autumn of the moral values of society as we the readers see where he is involved in criminalism, which accounts for his huge luck. But even has graceful as the old blue bloods are ; represented by the Buchanan ‘s, they lack in compassion as they prove themselves to be a careless clump of inconsiderate persons. This is seen to be true where after Gatsby ‘s decease they ( Tom and Daisy ) simple move to an unknown finish with no send oning reference. Nick describes them as ‘careless ‘ people.

“ They were careless people, Tom and Daisy — they smashed up things and animals and so retreated back into their money of their huge sloppiness, or whatever it was that kept them together and allow other people clean up the muss they had made. ”

( Chapter. 9 )

Though Gatsby is seen as a condemnable and as such represents the ideal of a self-made adult male, from shreds to wealths. He is the force that corrodes the American dream, it is through him that we see the rough world of the dream, its rise and its terminal. It is with his decease that we see the decease of the American Dream. All his hopes shattered with a slug. The decease of both him and George, the rich adult male and the hapless adult male, show once more the autumn of the American dream. With nil left for him at that place, Nick moves back to his place, off from the emptiness and the moral decay.

To reason, The Great Gatsby is a representation of the rough world of the American dream. It shows its corruptness and its autumn. Each of the characters in the novel are seen seeking to achieve felicity through one manner or the other. They become lost, and lose their touch with morality and world. Criminality, unfaithfulness, slaying and lies pervade the narrative. The subject of the corruptness of the American dream was seen throughout the novel and was exemplified by the writer ‘s usage of word picture, motives and symbols. The American dream is of freedom and of societal upward mobility through difficult work and success. Gatsby ‘s life in criminalism gave him money but non freedom and non happiness. His end of achieving the American dream was ne’er realized.

The Great Gatsby – Response Paper

Name: Charlette Montague 620031644


Course: LITS 2301/ E 23 A: Key Issues In Literary Critism.


Statement: Rather than an eager celebrator, Fitzgerald is a rough critic of “ the American dream ” in his novel, The Great Gatsby.


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