Greek Mythology and Hera Essay

September 7, 2018 General Studies

Here In Greek Mythology. there are many different Gods and goddesses but merely one Hera. Hera is known for being the queen of all the Grecian Gods and being the chief married woman of Zeus. who is king of all the Gods. Hera was goddess of childbearing and matrimony. Known for many different things. Hera is considered the most covetous and quarrelsome goddess in all mythology. There are many narratives about Hera penalizing adult females involved with Zeus and childs of Zeus that were non Hera’s but one specific narrative is that of Hercules who is Alcmene’s boy.

Hera had persecuted him since before he could speak merely because she was covetous and hated the fact that Zeus was his male parent. Even though Hera had tried so many different ways to kill him. like directing serpents to him while he was a newborn. she was his nurse while he was a immature kid. Hercules is one of many people that Hera hated or tried to penalize. Hera did non merely penalize the kept womans of Zeus. She besides punished Zeus. Once. she got some other Gods to assist her secret plan against Zeus. Hera had put drugs in Zeus’s drink and her and the other Gods had cornered him while he slept.

They bound him up in rawhide lashs and stole his bolt of lightning. Zeus was stating he would destruct all of them but he could non acquire out of the rawhide lashs. His cousin. Briareus. was working in his garden and saw that Zeus needed aid. Briareus reached through the window that he was looking at Zeus through. with his 100 weaponries and unbound the knots to free Zeus. Right when Zeus freed himself. he got his bolt of lightning back and hung Hera in the sky for arising against him. Because Hera was ever covetous and quarrelsome. none of the other Gods went to assist her.

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Hera wept the whole dark to seek and acquire to Zeus to allow her come down. Zeus said he would allow her come down if she had promised she wouldn’t draw a stunt like that once more. Hera promised but Zeus and his married woman still kept their eyes on the other ever cognizant if the other did something bad. Hera is girl to Cronos and Rhea. who were Titans. Cronos and Rhea had another child and that was Zeus. Hera’s hubby. It was really common for siblings to get married to maintain the royal blood in the household and to incorporate power.

A batch of the Gods and goddesses were related in some manner. Zeus and Hera’s sister was Demete. the earth goddess. Their brother was Poseidon. God of the sea. Their other brother was Hades. who ruled the underworld which was known as the land beyond decease. Hera and Zeus had three kids together. Zeus had others. like Hercules. but with other goddesses that weren’t Hera. Hera and Zeus had Ares. Hephaestus. and Eris. Ares was the God of war. Hephaestus was the smith-god. Eris was the goddess of strife.

She would shrill beside Ares in his conflict chariot. Hera and Zeus’s kids were in the Pantheon. A pantheon means “a temple of all gods” ( Rouse 6 ) . Even though Hera is considered really quarrelsome and covetous. a poet wrote a verse form for her and called her “Golden-throned Hera… Chief among them in beauty… ” ( Hamilton 27 ) . Hera was non all bad. She was besides a defender of the Gods in the Quest of the Golden Fleece. She is besides the goddess that married adult females turned to for aid. Hera is known as Juno in Roman Mythology.

Hera was said to hold a favourite metropolis and two favourite animate beings. Argos in the Peloponnesus was her favourite metropolis and the cow and Inachis io were of import to her. Harmonizing to Shmoop. one of Hera’s favourite quotation marks would’ve been “All work forces make errors. but married work forces happen out about them sooner” by Red Skeleton. This quotation mark shows that Hera punished Zeus and made sure he knew he messed up when he cheated on her. Hera besides had a temple dedicated to her called Heraeum that was five stat mis north-east of Argos. her favourite metropolis.


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