Green Valley Megastore Case Study Essay

By July 25, 2017 Cultural

Green-Valley Megastores

Green-Valley Megastores was a portion of a big concern group holding investings in diverse concerns like pharmaceuticals. luxury hotels. fabric fabrication and exports. and nutrient processing. The mega-stores were aimed to give the clients a genuinely international shopping experience—a one halt finish where full households could bask a twenty-four hours together—watching films. shopping. eating out and playing games in an odd atmosphere. This construct of shopping-cum-entertainment had paralleled the growing of shopping promenades in India.

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Today. the clients who did non prefer to merely watch films at the antique film halls had the option of traveling into multiplexes which offered more than one film show at a individual clip. along with the option of disbursement clip at multiple stores or eating houses at the same clip within the same composite. This was designed so that the client need non go from topographic point to topographic point in hunt of different merchandises – but could hold it at one topographic point. With this. the concerns tried to retroflex the weekend vacation construct of the West where an full household could pass a twenty-four hours out prosecuting itself in watching films. shopping and eating out.

To further this purpose. Green-Valley Megastores had invested in multiplexes with floor infinite changing from 20. 000 square pess to 40. 000 square pess in premier locations in different metropoliss. The shop-space was so leased out to different brands—who would sell their merchandises within the multiplex. Therefore. there was a broad assortment of merchandises in a individual multiplex—ranging from dress stuff ( which itself had different assortments of cultural wear. western wear. leather accoutrements. dark glassess. all right jewellery. and saree ) to places. electronics. playthings. food markets and grocery. etc. In footings of merchandise offering. these stores within Green-Valley offered a broad pick to their clients.

Not merely did Green-Valley offer the finest trade names available in India. but it besides offered a first atmosphere and service. with the widest pick. A client could shop through the offerings to their Black Marias content without any force per unit area of purchasing through calm atmosphere in the posh glass and marble insides designed by international designers. There was adequate infinite for them to rest. take a interruption. have refreshments while shopping and so go on once more.

Staff at Green-Valley

While the stores within each Green-Valley Store had its ain staff. Green-Valley maintained its ain staff to take attention of housework ( cleanliness of public infinite like anterooms. stairwaies etc. ) pull off the auto park. and provide security services.

The staff at Green-Valley was trained to be unnoticeable ; they were supposed to be present and argus-eyed at all times and respond to a specific client petition merely when the client required. They were at that place to assist one do a pick or function softly and expeditiously. With changeless in-depth preparation. the Green-Valley staff was required to offer service to all clients with a positive attitude. pleasant temperament. and good communicating accomplishments

Organizational Structure

Each shop was managed by a store-in-charge who was supported by four directors. The different directors took attention of security. housework. services and histories. The staff strength for security. housework and services varied from shop to hive away based on the demands. While the housework took attention of the general cleanliness of the shops. services section took attention of the care of the lifts. electrical equipment. fire-fighting equipment etc. Both the housework section and the services section relied on contractual staff alternatively of lasting employees. See Figure 1 for the organisational construction in the undermentioned page.

Figure 1 Organizational Structure in a typical Green-Valley Megastore.

Performance Appraisal for Megastores’ employees

Performance assessment for the shop employees was carried out on an one-year
footing. Each of the employees were evaluated by their superior ( mention Figure 1 ) . The store-in-charges of different shops were evaluated by the Regional Managers. The Regional Directors were in bend appraised by the General Manager ( Operations ) who used to be located at central offices. The regional directors had marks in footings of concern development – acquiring new clients for floor infinite in the mega-stores. They had to accomplish the marks in footings of rental rent from the shops in their parts.

For the store-in-charges the nature of occupation was more of pull offing the installation for their clients. Each shop had two classs of clients – the renters and the shoppers. It was the duty of the shop –in-charge of a Mega-store to guarantee highest quality of service to both the classs.

Performance Appraisal Process

Merely those employees who had completed a twelvemonth in the organisation were eligible for public presentation assessment. There was no assessment for the contractual staff or parttime employees. The appraisal procedure was carried out for all the eligible employees at the same time in the February to March period.

The assessment procedure was initiated by a meeting conducted by the Store-in-charge where the proclamation of the assessment procedure was made. It was compulsory for all eligible employees to go to the meeting. During the meeting the eligible employees were informed separately about the day of the month of his / her public presentation assessment.

The employees are asked to be prepared for any kind of state of affairss or inquiries during the assessment. As an of import measure of their calling. employees took the assessment interview earnestly.

Phase 1: Self assessment

This was the first measure in the assessment procedure at Green-Valley. where an employee has to rate himself from 1 – 6 where 1 is the lowest and 6 the highest class. The employee was handed over a signifier with following five parametric quantities ( refer Postpone A ) . The parametric quantities were based on the of import facets of his/her duty in Green-Valley and had different weights. The employee had to rate himself/ herself on those parametric quantities.

Phase 2: Appraisal by Appraisal Committee

The appraisal interviews were carried out by an Appraisal Committee that was formed for each shop. The members in that commission were the Store-in-charge and two HR directors from the central office. The commission would transport out interviews of the employees and based on the interviews would give their appraisal of public presentation. On a individual twenty-four hours about 4-5 employees were appraised.

The commission would get down the interview utilizing the self-assessment as the footing. examining grounds why a peculiar employee had rated himself 6. In most instances employees used to rate themselves on the higher side—typically either 5 or 6. For each of the parametric quantities. the appraisal commission had a set of inquiries which would analyze the employee. For illustration. dependability would be probed with inquiries like:

1. Where were you when so and so incident took topographic point in the shop? 2. If a client has forgotten her purchases in the anteroom – how would you turn up the client to give it back to them?

The appraisal commission would do its ain appraisal and give Markss on the 1 to 6 graduated table. TableA: Performance Assessment Form
Name: _______________________________
Shop Location: ________________________
Assessment Time period: _____________________

S. No. Performance DimensionsWeights
( in % )
WSelf RatingCommittee Rating
1. Customer focus20
2. Undertaking focus15
3. Care of unvarying and self 15
4. Discipline & A ; Attendance10
5. Honesty & A ; Integrity10
6. Communication10
7. Initiative 10
8. Reliability10
Entire Raw Mark: Sum of WxR
Extra accomplishments by the employee:

Remarks by the Appraisal Committee:

Signature of the commission members:

Concluding Mark:

Signature of employee:

The Markss were used to deduce the classs. The scaling was done as per the strategy depicted in Table B.

Table B: Rating Scheme

Marks cut-offRating
& gt ; 5. 5Outstanding
5 – 5. 5Very Good
4. 5 – 5 Good
4 – 4. 5Adequate


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