Group Analysis

Our group started with a discussion on various topics. During the discussion we discovered that we had similar likes and dislikes regarding most of the subjects even though we all came from different backgrounds. It was difficult deciding on a topic when there were so many of interest, but we agreed that immigration issues were of common interest to all of us, Vivian especially, since her background involved her emigrating to the United States from Saipan.

After several meetings we were at an impasse as to whether to narrow the topic to a specific group, or keep it as general information pertaining to all immigrants. As we became more involved in the research aspect of compiling facts, we felt we were better off structuring our presentation on all immigrants in general, as there seemed to be some information on all groups, but not enough material that interested us for an entire presentation. We did not have a leader due to the fact that we all took different presentation requirements instead of combining all information in one oral presentation.

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We volunteered based on our strengths, knowledge and accessibility to various components of the presentation. Carrie, had a strong background in Power Point and access to the program which neither Vivian nor I had, so she provided our visual presentation. I volunteered to provide an activity that would invite class participation and came up with a trivia game based on famous immigrants, and it fit in with our decided topic at the time, of all immigrants.

Our goal was also to present something unique because there was the possibility that there would be more than one group choosing the same topic, and Vivian was excited to share with the class something special from her Country. Overall, I would conclude that we worked well together as a group, without any disagreements or personality conflicts. We only experienced a few minor setbacks, such as absences at various times of different members.

The only lack of communication came when Carrie was unaware that we had moved the presentation and had thought she was out of time, so she altered the topic to a more specific immigrant group due to her time constraint, when she found out later that she had more time, she did not want to waste the research she had already prepared. Regardless, the feedback from other classmates was positive and we were satisfied with our presentation. I would work with this same group again.



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