Growing up in a small town is something the city folks will never understand

By February 12, 2019 General Studies

Growing up in a small town is something the city folks will never understand. When I left Yoakum, Texas to go to college, I felt prepared for what the rest of the world had to offer me because a bigger city has more opportunity than a smaller town. The small town that I grew up in has about seven thousand people living there today. My family is part of the seven thousand people. Moving from Yoakum to Corpus Christi made me so nervous. The town has two stoplights, most run the red light because Yoakum people treat it like a stop sign. The main roads Highway 111 and Highway 77 where they intersection is where people run the red light the most. It also gets busy round lunch time. When I was in high school we could go off campus to eat lunch instead of eating in the cafeteria. I hated to go off campus to go eat because there was only has three chain restaurants like Sonic, Dairy Queen, and Pizza Hut and couple of local restaurants like Mexican and BBQ. Not very many restaurants to choose from. Most little towns I been to have a Whataburger, Yoakum doesn’t even have one. Have to drive about an hour to get to one. It sucks because we all Texans love some Whataburger. My sophomore year of high school, that’s when I got my first real job at Fat Albert’s BBQ and icehouse as a waitress. Man, I do miss this place. high school was fun for the most part of my life, especially Friday nights. Friday nights in a small town can get a little crazy other than in the city. After Friday night football games, some of my friends invite me over to their house to have fun.


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