Guarding Our Ecosystems – Marshlands and Wetlands Essay

July 28, 2017 Construction

In the last decennary. the preservation of our ecosystem has gained high importance. The last few old ages have seen a considerable leap on consciousness of the preservation of fens. Marshs or wetlands are countries which are transitional between tellurian and aquatic systems. Here the H2O is normally at the surface. The land is covered by dead H2O that does non transcend 6 metres. They are considered of import as they are home to assorted species of vegetations and zoologies. Wetlands covers 6 % of the earth`s land surface. This includes fens. Rhizophora mangles fens. swamps. lagunas etc. They store H2O for a long period of clip and assist maintain inundations in cheque.

They besides prevent coastal eroding. Despite the fact that these fens are of import the decrease in the degrees of these countries are really evident. The authorities. in a nose count. has identified 648. 507 hectares of wetlands in India and it has estimated that fresh water wetlands constitute up to approximately 20 % of the biodiversity in India. Surveies have proved alarming degrees of fen devastation in India. This degree has been estimated by experts at up to 2-3 % decrease per twelvemonth.

Pallikaranai Marsh

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Pallikaranai is locally known as Kazhiveli ( a generic Tamil name for fens and swamps ) . It is situated in Chennai and is one such of import fen which has been in the prevue of the authorities and NGOs likewise. This fen is a 50 kilometer wetland located in the South of Chennai. Pallikaranai Marsh has the most diverse natural home grounds of the state with over 330 species of workss and animate beings.

Harmonizing to a nose count taken by an NGO group Namma Pallikaranai. the heterogenous ecosystem of the fen supports about 337 species of vegetations and zoologies. Of the faunal groups. birds. fishes and reptilians are the most outstanding. Further it has been identified that Pallikaranai fen is home to 115 species of birds. 10 species of mammals. 21 species of reptilians. 10 species of amphibious vehicles. 46 species of fishes. 9 species of molluscans. 5 species of crustaceans and 7 species of butterflies. About 114 species of workss are found in the wetland including 29 species of grass.

The job

Pallikaranai is confronting the job of decrease of the fen. The country of the Pallikaranai fen has been reduced to a mere 600 hectares from the original 6. 000 hectares. The authorities. nevertheless. has protected merely 317 hectares Construction of edifices in the environing countries of the fen has been one of the factors to this decrease of the degrees of the fens. The fen is besides contaminated with 1000000s of litres of untreated sewerage. The chief job. nevertheless. is the dumping and combustion of refuse. Over 250 estates of the fen is covered by the city’s refuse as this is one of the major dumping evidences. The refuse is dumped in the fen and subsequently burned.

Harmonizing to a study conducted by the pollution control board. the degrees of respirable suspended particulate affair ( RSPM ) is dual than the allowable degree of 100 mcgs per three-dimensional metre. This could do harmful effects to the occupants near the marsh country. Burning the refuse besides kills the different workss and animate beings in the fen. There have been a important figure of birds and animate beings which were found dead due to the spreading of fires. “We have complained several times. But refuse is still being burnt in the fens. The pollution when the refuse is being burned is impacting us a lot” . says Uma. P. a occupant of the country.

Government stairss

A undertaking on ‘Inland Wetlands of India’ commissioned by the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Government of India had prioritized Pallikaranai Marsh as one of the most important wetlands of the state. The authorities has taken assorted stairss to continue this fen. The High Court of Madras has passed Torahs sing the saving of Pallikaranai fen. which in its opinions have stated commissariats to conserve the fen The High Court has besides stated that an alternate topographic point must be decided by the corporation for a topographic point to dump the corporation waste. Further. the High Court has prohibited combustion of waste in the fens. The chief proposal of the Tamil Nadu authorities presentment. 320. 17 hectares ( 790. 82 estates ) of Pallikaranai fen as reserved woods and to evict residents who are non authorized to be at that place from the reserved country has been implemented.

Some parts of the fens have come under the wood section and have been recognized as a modesty by the authorities. This has come after a hold in supplying the land since 2011. They have provided the 170 Hectors to finish the Restoration of the fen. Restoration of these fens has started. This move of the authorities has been welcomed by the occupants of the country. “I hope no more refuse will be dumped and burned in the fen as this has caused major pollution jobs in this country. The authorities must guarantee that such jobs don’t occur in the future” Says Rashmi. G. a occupant of Pallikarnai Experts have stated the demand to set up a individual coordination bureau with all stakeholders like environmental militants. authorities functionaries and research workers to set up the Restoration of this undertaking.

The authorities. with the docket of conserving the fen has sanctioned a programme to take up a Restoration undertaking which is estimated to be Rs. 15. 75 crore along with this a encouragement of R. s 5 crore has been provided to increase and reconstruct the Pallikarnai fen. The preservation program harmonizing to an official study by the environment ministry provinces that the Restoration program includes the remotion of weeds. formation of bunds. dredging H2O classs and organizing a nature trail alongside the boundary of the fen. This will take around 5 old ages for the authorities to finish its Restoration programs for the Pallikaranai fen.


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