Guilt of Frankenstein

December 26, 2016 General Studies

Guilt a feeling of remorse for an action, is a daemon that haunts Victor Frankenstein .

more diligantly, than the monster he created. This guilt sends frankenstein into an .

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illness, and ultimatly destroys his life. Why is Frankenstein persued so persistantly .

by this guilt, and what great crim did he commit that would justify his relentless .

feelings of remorse? Some would say it was simply him attempting the place of God and .

creating life, however it is apparen that his great crime is creating life and not .

fulfilling his duties as its creator. This advocation of his duties eventually led to .

four murders that could have been prevented had Dr Frankenstein accepted his role as .

creator despite its hideous appearance. Frankenstein was even given another chance to .

suppress the hatred owned by the beast by creating a companion for it. BLinded by his .

rage over the murders and the prospect of more these monsters could commit as a team he .

tore apart the would be companion and refuses the daemon the only chance it had at .

living a life of peaceful exile away from the human race. ” I thought with a sensation .

of madness on my promise of creating another like to him, and trembling with passion, .

tore to pieces the thing on which i was engages” Frankenstein re awoke the malice within .

the beast which he was so near to removing. This spastic action eventualy lead to the .

death of Elizabeth, frankensteins wife, on their wedding night. (Pg.144) Frakenstein was .

then faced with four murdered loves ones. All of which had died because of irresponsible .

actions Frankenstein made due to his inability to control his emotions.


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