Haagen dazs

May 17, 2018 Business

Haagen Dazs was founded back in 1930s and prospered through years. It was founded by Reuben mattus and his wife Rose who supported behind his back all the time. They dreamed to create the finest ice cream in the world. They started with three flavors only, vanilla, chocolate, and coffee but because it fine quality and rich taste, haagen dazs fastly know around the world. People started to talk and even without any advertising made by the company, haagen dazs already got plenty of loyal fan.

By 1973, Haagen Dazs product which only can be found at New York City gourmet shop only can be found all over United States. After sucessfully selling ice cream, Haagen Dazs continue to expand its brand by opening it first shop at 1976. The shop was huge hit and soon followed by the opening of other shops across the country. This success attracted many people to bought the company and on 1983, Haagen Dazs was sold to The Pillsburry Company. The Pillsburry Company then expand Haagen Dazs furthermore and now Haagend Dazs can be found in more than 50 countries across the world.

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Ben and Jerry History Back in the 1978, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield took $5 ice cream makiing course and decided to open their own ice cream parlor. They choosed Burlington, Vermont as their place because it is a college town without ice cream parlor. Their first shop was opened in transformed old gas station. By 1979, on their forst anniversary, Ben and Jerry’s celebrated it by having free cone day. People can get free Ben and Jerry’s ice cream for all day long. This free cone day now become annual celebration.

Move forward, dissatisfied by only having ice cream parlor, ben and Jerry’s rented space in an old spool and bobbin mill in South Champlain Street, Burlington, Vermont and started packed their ice cream in pints. They wanted for their creation to be sold on groceries. The news soon spread and people wanting more so on 1981, they opened their first franchise on shelbourne, Vermont and by 1986, they introduced cow mobile wthich not last long. Eventhough the cow mobile didnt last long, Ben and Jerry keep gaining success. On 1988, Ben and Jerry’s received U.S .

Small business of the year which presented to them by President Regant and on 1994, Ben and Jerry’s ice cream can be found at United Kingdom and by 1999, they launches the flying friesian! A tour bus which aim is to help UK kids in need, Childline. Besides making profit, Brpen and Jerry’s also support good cause like opening Vermont only public stock offerring to raise money in order to support new company and opening the Ben and Jerry’s Foundation which created to support community-oriented project. They also stated thatbtheir product is rBGH free.


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