Habit and Virtue Essay

August 26, 2017 General Studies

Aristotle says that we are all endowed by nature with the ability to make virtuousness. but he besides says that we become virtuous by doing virtuous Acts of the Apostless. He explains how acting upon virtuous Acts of the Apostless could perchance go “second nature” . which means it could go a wont. What he is seeking to connote is that usually things become a wont if you work on it a batch. so by working on virtuous Acts of the Apostless could do it a wont. This could go on if people are put into state of affairss in which they demonstrate bravery. This could avoid the act of being a cower.

What Aristotle’s chief point in “Habit and Virtue” is that there are certain types of virtuousnesss. Some virtuousnesss you inhabit by the manner virtuousness is used around you. Another manner is the manner you are taught to utilize virtuousness. Virtues could be habited by your milieus. which are varied from ethos. Some could be the manner they teach it to you. or by experience. As Aristotle says. there are two kinds of virtuousnesss. One is virtuousness of idea. and another is virtuousness of character. He tries to connote that virtuousness does non come from nature. but from addiction.

Merely as Aristotle says what is natural can non be changed by addiction. For illustration a ball moves down a hill. and addiction can non do it travel up a hill. We all get virtuousness. We become virtuous if we do virtuous Acts of the Apostless. merely like we become courageous by making courageous actions. Although virtue actions could be good and bad. Some could do you merely. or unfair.

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Aristotle implies how actions determine the character of provinces that we get. What he means by this is that by the manner you act. and you actions is the features of you. For illustration if you act sweet. in such as opening a door for a individual gives you the character of nice and sort. Now if you cuss in public. that gives you the character of being disrespectful. Virtue requires pattern. non merely theory. It besides requires addiction. To sum everything up. Aristotle tries to explicate how virtuousness could go a wont.


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